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Rare coins and vinyl records could be key to a comfortable old age

Two-thirds of Brits favour investing in valuable collectibles over traditional investments such as stocks and property, new research shows.

Research from livestream shopping platform Whatnot found that 60 percent of 18-29-year-olds favour collectibles as valuable investments and a quarter of Brits (25 percent) believe that collectibles are growing in value, allowing them to save up for a comfortable retirement.

The survey of 2,019 British adults aged 18-60 found that one in four (24 percent) believe that collecting has become “cool”.

The data shows that 62 percent of Brits believe livestream shopping is the future of shopping, rising to 80 percent of Gen Z consumers aged 18-29.

Livestream shopping platforms are where more than half (55 percent) of Britons seek out the best high-value collectible items.

Grant LaFontaine, co-founder and CEO of Whatnotsaid : “The blending of community and commerce is at the heart of live shopping.

“The connection buyers and sellers feel when they find a community of people who share their same love of comic books or Pokémon memorabilia is the very reason myself and my co-founder Logan Head started Whatnot in 2019, which began as a marketplace for Funko Pop collectors, and has since grown to offer a multitude of categories including trading cards, comic books, and memorabilia to fashion, beauty, electronics, and even live plants

“As we enter Whatnot’s second year in the UK, and our fifth year since inception, we wanted to showcase the predicted growth of the newest, most innovative form of retail, and why 25 million Britons are already streaming, selling and buying through live shopping.”

Top Ten Most Popular Collectibles Consumers are Investing In

  1. Rare coins – 15%

  2. Vinyl records – 15%

  3. Vintage clothing – 13%

  4. Sneakers/ trainers – 12%

  5. Designer handbags – 11%

  6. Rare books – 11%

  7. Comic books – 10%

  8. Figures, dolls and toys – 10%

  9. Bottles of vintage alcohol – 8%

  10. Sports trading cards – 7%

UK Regions Most Interested in Turning a Hobby Selling Items Online into a Full-Time Business

  1. London (75%)

  2. Northern Ireland (62%)

  3. Wales (50%)

  4. West Midlands (47%)

  5. South-West (45%)

  6. North-East (44%)

  7. East Midlands (43%)

  8. North-West (40%)

  9. Yorkshire & Humberside (39%)

  10. South-East (38%)

  11. Scotland (37%)

  12. East of England (31%)


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