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Rare ‘error coin’ could be worth life-changing £96,500 – full list of most valuable coins

SD Bullion, the gold and silver deals, has published a list of the most valuable error coins in the USA. One of the most expensive coins they listed once sold for $120,000 (£96,506.40) on eBay.

Coin collecting has been a long popular pastime for millions of Americans with people looking to buy rare error coins to sell off.

A coin is deemed to be an “error coin” if it was manufactured incorrectly by a mint or is outside of acceptable tolerance limits.

There are three different types of errors associated with error coins: strike errors, die errors and planchet errors.

A full list of the most valuable error coins in the US has been compiled by SD Bullion showing how much people can make if they own one of these coins.

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It should be noted that each of these error coin sales was made on eBay and may not be the price they were sold.

This is because the buyer is responsible for putting forward their bid and the seller is charged with accepting the offer they prefer.

For this full list of the most valuable coins, SD Bullion looked at the sales from January 2023 on eBay.

The coin which sold for the most was the three legs Buffalo nickel which was minted in 1937 and sold for $7,400 (£5,943).

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SD Bullion broke down what makes this error coin unique and why it sold for as high a price as it did.

They explained: “The reverse of this coin features a buffalo missing its front leg. This could be the result of a damaged reverse die when it was minted.

“In February 2023 one of these coins sold for $7,400 on eBay. The record price at a private auction is currently $99,875 (£80,321.47).

Other error coins deemed the most valuable included the 1942/1 Mercury dime, the DDO Lincoln Cent and the DDR Buffalo nickel.

In 2018, a highly graded sample of the 1942/1 Mercury dime was sold for $120,000 (£96,506.40).

Out of this particular list, the Wounded Eagle Sacagawea Dollar sold for the least amount of money on eBay.

This particular coin was minted in 2000 and was sold for $699.95 (£562.91) on the online marketplace.

SD Bullion added: “Resulting from an error in one die at the Philadelphia mint, this coin has a small cut along the eagle’s stomach on the reverse.

“A mint condition coin is valued by PCGS at $5,000 (£4,021.10) but an eBay listing for only $699.95 was sold on February 16, 2023.”


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