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RBT Review – Online Trading Brought Closer

RBT Review – Online Trading Brought Closer

RBT stands out in online brokerage and trading. The broker is bringing online trading closer to the people. Usually, brokers would take the passive role of waiting for investors to find them. But while not shunning such investors, RBT is also targeting those who may need to seek trading platforms and opportunities actively.

RBT Pros & Cons

RBT has many positive things and features that many investors would love. However, this broker has some flaws too. Learn about this broker’s pros and cons below.

Customer-oriented brokerLittle navigation issues on the website
Superb customer support 
Great investment selection 
Good trading platforms 

RBT Key Features

RBT has some outstanding broker and trading platform features. Here are some of them.


Customer orientation may be typical in business and investment circles for various reasons. In the case of RBT, it simply means that the broker is primarily focused on the customers and is ready to go the extra mile for them. The broker is welcoming, friendly, and supportive of current customers.

But where RBT outshines the rest is how it seeks out new and potential customers. The broker’s reward system appreciates current customers when they recommend or refer someone else to the platform. And while this is not new, the new customers brought in through the reward system are trained and given a token to start trading.

Educational Resources

RBT is big on offering educational resources and support to customers. Customers can easily access various scholarly materials and resources on the platform. Some resources include webinars, courses, articles, and YouTube videos. The material is vast and covers several topics, from online trading, investing in stocks, and using the trading platform to how to analyze markets. 

Suitable for Everyone

RBT provides a trading platform for everyone, including new and experienced traders. The broker has different trading platforms to meet the needs of other traders. For new and beginning traders, there is a simple and easy-to-use version. For the more advanced traders, there is an advanced platform for them.

RBT also offers various investment channels and instruments ranging from stocks to mutual funds. Therefore, users have a wide choice of investment assets and tools from which to choose. 

Serving Customers

With customer support working around the clock, RBT ensures that serving customers is a top priority. Customers with problems or issues can get help by contacting the professional customer service staff through any available channels, including live chat, phone, Messenger, email, and WhatsApp.

Usually, customer support responds immediately. And this is important in cases where the type of assistance sought is urgent. Moreover, all the channels for contacting customer support work effectively.

RBT Trading Experience

Trading on RBT is easy and exciting. Customers can trade via the web, mobile or desktop platforms. All platforms provide all the basic functionalities that a trader would expect. However, to ensure that beginner traders are energized and encouraged, RBT has included simplified versions for the web and mobile platforms.

For advanced traders, there is also an advanced version across all platforms. Moving from the basic to the advanced trading versions involves a simple click. The advanced version comes with additional trading features and capabilities. Overall, trading on all three platforms is seamless.

RBT Privacy and Security

RBT ensures that the privacy and safety of all customers are always maintained. The broker does not require users to provide unnecessary private details during registration which is part of a security measure to ensure greater privacy on the platform. Moreover, customers are educated and reminded continuously about their privacy and security at the venue. And this sensitizes them to ensure that they take proper measures to protect themselves and their accounts.

RBT is Good for;

RBT is a good broker and trading platform for beginner and experienced traders looking for more than just a fantastic trading experience. The platform also offers educational resources and other benefits. Please contact this broker for more information and tips to boost gains from your investing or trading activity.

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