Rejoice in little things

“I’d not be what I’m today, if I had never seen the sunrise, or the moon, or flowers in bloom or people’s faces,” wrote the great Persian mystic Hakim Sanai. This mystical statement has a profound meaning. Consciousness blossoms when awareness comes and awareness comes through playful observation. When we observe little things and nature‘s regular phenomena all around us, our heart is filled with bliss. This bliss ripples into enlightenment.

Rumi also says the same thing: “Look at everything with a sense of admiration and astonishment. You’ll evolve as a human.” Wisdom lies in small things. Once a disciple of a Zen master came to him and said, “Master, I try to get into meditation but I’m unable to concentrate. My mind is never at one place.”

The wise master said, “See, children are playing there. Go and try to play with them. If you can’t, at least sit and watch them play. Don’t try too much to meditate.”

The disciple did what the master advised. Seeing little kids play, his heart became filled with a state of indescribable joy and he effortlessly slid into a contemplative mode. One doesn’t have to be a recluse, misanthrope or aloof to be enlightened.

Remember, you’ll connect with the Universe later. First, plunge yourself into the world you’re a part of. So, rejoice in things all around and put no extra effort into self-evolution or enlightenment. Satori dawns on a seeker all of a sudden. You needn’t hanker after that.


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