Resilient prosperity: Strategic Partnerships to Advancing Science, Technology, and Innovation in Small Island … – United Nations

Stimulating Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) sectors within SIDS is crucial to drive a transformative shift in their technological development and is critical in achieving their overall sustainable development objectives. The technological advancements are vital for equipping SIDS with the necessary tools to address the challenges posed by climate change in sectors like tourism and agriculture-fishery. Despite international efforts in recent years to mobilize financial resources and facilitate sustainable technology transfers in SIDS, there has been an overall decline in such initiatives.

The discussion will showcase good examples of innovative partnerships that facilitate STI in SIDS, identify challenges and provide recommendations on creating enabling environment in SIDS to advance STI in SIDS-specific context. The output of the discussions will inform the STI Forum, SIDS4 and the High-Level Political Forum in Sustainable Development in 2024.


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