Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen is acting a bit dull, but a fix is underway – Android Central

What you need to know

  • Reddit and Samsung forums light up with complaints that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s vivid color profile appears washed out compared to previous Galaxy models.
  • Samsung promises a fix, with the company’s developer team actively working on a software update to address issue.
  • There’s no date mentioned for the fix, but customers are advised to stay connected to Wi-Fi for the update.

Samsung has confirmed that there’s a software-related issue with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen after several customers hit a snag with the display.

According to a number of users on Reddit and Samsung’s forum page, the vivid color profile on the Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t as vivid as it should be. In fact, it looks washed out compared to earlier Samsung Galaxy phones.

The problem isn’t isolated; multiple Redditors (1, 2) complained that the vivid color profile on the Galaxy S24 Ultra doesn’t really stand out compared to the natural mode. On older models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, vivid brings out way more color depth than the default natural setting.

Galaxy S24 Ultra screen has a washed out

(Image credit: Doo-StealYour-HoChoi / Reddit)

Courtesy of Forbes, we now know that Samsung has acknowledged the issue with a screenshot of a conversation between a user and support personnel.


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