Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Samsung and Apple have been rivals for quite some time. You may already have an idea as to whether the Galaxy or iPhone is the device for you, but it’s good to compare the features so you can take note of the more objective metrics.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Samsung Offers a Bigger Screen with Higher Pixel Density 

The Galaxy S24 has a much larger screen, therefore making the phone bigger overall. It also weighs much more. The screen has a higher pixel density than the iPhone and supports S-Pen input. With peak brightness settings, this makes it the ideal choice for gamers. The bigger screen also makes it easier to play online casino games, as small numbers and symbols can be seen much more clearly. Those who play mobile games can click here to play online casino titles such as Big Big Fishing Fortune and Lucky’s Magic Clover. These are popular, mobile-friendly titles and while games like these can be played on older models, the new Samsung device does an excellent job of making the colours really pop.

On the topic of colour, Samsung did receive a bit of flak for their muted colour choice. This is present even in Vivid Colour mode, but this has been addressed with a newly released firmware update. Users now have the option of setting the vividness of the screen via a slider.

In regards to the phone’s design, it’s rectangular in shape, with right-angled corners and multiple camera rings. They could be likely to adopt their signature design for future smartwatches too, as seen here. It’s just as recognisable as the round corners of the iPhone but with a busier camera setup. Both companies have spent years perfecting their design, so in the grand scheme of things, there’s nothing new here. Both phones have titanium frames, with IP68 ingress protection. 

Apple Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+

The iPhone 15 Pro Max display has a higher level of brightness than the Samsung Galaxy S24. It also comes with desirable features, such as Dolby Vision support as well as HDR10+ video. The bigger camera cutout has Apple FaceID which helps a user to securely unlock their phone, hands-free. With clever functionality around the Dynamic Island, which you can learn more about here, this feature has gone down well with fans. In terms of viewing quality, both phones are about as premium as you can get. Even though the Samsung device comes out on top in terms of pixel density, the technology in the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes it a fierce competitor.

If you’re not sure which option is the best one for you, then the Galaxy comes with the S-Pen, which is ideal for gaming, along with a built-in fingerprint sensor. You also have the punch-hole selfie camera, which is a nice feature for those who don’t like the bulky Tetraprism cameras that come with the iPhone models.

If you’re more interested in streaming video, then the iPhone Pro Max could be an option. With DolbyVision support, a dynamic island and a higher brightness, it’s not hard to see why this is one of the best phones on the market for people who like to stream. It’s also got a long-awaited RAM boost, with the best battery life yet for the iPhone range.

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