Say Goodbye to Picky Eating with these Effective Tips

If you have a picky eater at home, you don’t have an easy job, and even if you try many alternatives to finally make your child try a healthy and balanced diet, in most cases, you can’t make them eat the food you prepare. It is not the best scenario to spend a few hours cooking a meal only to look at how your child refuses to eat it, and even if you try bribing them, you can’t succeed in any way to see the plate clean. Remember that picky or fussy eating is normal and common for young kids, so don’t apply strict rules or dietary regimes to discourage this behaviour, as it will only be counterproductive. Instead, stay calm, patient and try to encourage good eating habits with small steps.

To help you overcome this period, we have prepared a list with some effective tips, so keep reading if you want to find them out. 

Say Goodbye to Picky Eating with these Effective Tips

Be a Role Model For Your Picky Eater

Young kids tend to copy the behaviour of the adults they spend the most time with. If they see that you don’t eat the same food as the one you give them, they will not want to try it. But, if you have healthy eating habits and show that you enjoy your food, they will do the same as you. It is important not to try to hide some ingredients from the plate, be open about the food, and describe what it contains. If you explain everything and let them participate in the preparation, you will see that children will want to taste, especially if it is something they made with their hands. Parents are role models for children, so if your kid doesn’t want to eat some food, you might also need to change your eating habits. 

Eat at Regular Times

A child should have three meals and two-three snacks every day at regular time. But things are not that simple, as in some cases, children will not want to eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter how hard you try. So, should you let your kid skip a meal? In many cases, skipping meals is harder for parents as they learned in their childhood not to waste food and clean their plates. You should let your kid skip a meal if they are not hungry and not force them, as this is vital for a healthy weight. If you set time for meals and always stick with them, your child will know that even if they don’t eat one, they will have another later. Avoid giving your kids something that will make them feel full before eating, like cups of juice or milk, as they will only make them lose their appetite and won’t want to eat other food. 

Create a Beautiful Kitchen

The look of a kitchen and its elements play a vital part in how the kids will eat. If the kids feel comfortable in the cooking space and like to spend time there, they will look forward to the time when they will eat. Otherwise, if they don’t love the kitchen, they will not want to spend even a few moments there. You can even set up a mini kitchen because, in this way, kids will love to play there while they see you cook. As a result, they will be curious to taste what you have prepared, and if they get used to being around you in the kitchen, you will not have difficulty convincing them to try your food. So, make sure your kitchen matches their taste; if not, it would be good to consider remodelling it. If you choose to do so, you can opt for dove grey kitchen units, as they have a beautiful look that can even give a piece of mind to your picky eaters. 

Limit Exposure to Unhealthy Food

If you limit exposure to unhealthy food as much as possible, your child will not become picky and will not demand those alternatives. In most cases, kids find the food they eat outside their home more delicious, especially fast food or sweets, so the less you expose them, the better it will be. Also, if you don’t want your kid to eat a particular food, don’t keep it in the house, where kids will eventually see it. For example, if you know that your kids usually crave ice cream, you shouldn’t have it in the freezer, but instead, you can go to your favourite shop occasionally to buy it, which will limit the times when your kids eat unhealthy choices. 

Be Patient

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be patient, as it is normal for kids to avoid some ingredients they don’t find tasty, even if they are healthy choices, such as vegetables or fruits. Also, remember that a child usually needs to try a new food 5 to 10 times to see if they like it. So, don’t get discouraged if your kid doesn’t like something for the first time, as maybe after some tries, that food will become their favourite. Even if it is the easiest option in some cases, you shouldn’t bribe your kid to eat a meal, as later it will transform into a bad habit, and it is not worth it. 

Final Words

Having a picky eater at home is not easy, as you always need to come up with a new idea for what to cook so they will like it. But you shouldn’t stress, and let them eat when they are hungry, which will make them appreciate food more. Also, make sure you remain calm because if your child sees you angry, they will not want to eat anymore. 

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