Secret of relaxation

The secret of relaxation is in the three words, ‘Let it go!’ Life is full of incidents, both pleasant and unpleasant.

When an unpleasant thing happens, we are apt to lose our balance; this creates a negative emotion that expresses itself in a feeling of sadness or depression. An effective way of dealing with such a situation is to go to the root of the matter and ‘let go’ what is causing the negative emotion. Let it go! Let everything go!

Has my sister failed to understand me? Let it go! Has my brother spoken ill of me? Let it go! Has my best friend turned against me? Let it go! Have I suffered loss in business? Let it go! Have my plans been upset? Let it go! Have I been treated with disrespect? Let it go! Has a dear one passed on? Let it go!

Has my health suffered a setback? Let it go! Have I been cheated, robbed, deceived by someone in whom I have placed my trust? Let it go! In this world of transitoriness, a world in which things come and go and nothing abides, is there anything worth worrying over? Let it go! The more we let go, the more we conserve our energies for the constructive and creative tasks of life.

How can we overcome stress? To overcome stress, you need to understand what stress stands for – S: smile, keep smiling; T:   tolerance, grow in tolerance; R: relax, never be tensed; E: easy, take it easy but be not lazy; S: service, keep serving; and S: silence, practise silence and, thereby, turn to God.


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