Secret path to serenity

Happiness, in its purest form, is not a fleeting emotion dependent on external circumstances but an enduring state of being that stems from inner harmony. True happiness is not found in the fulfilment of desires but in liberation from them.

This doesn’t mean one should not have aspirations. Our passions, goals, aspirations and the fulfilment of those are what make us human. Nevertheless, attaching our happiness to the fulfilment of our desires is detrimental to our progress and personal transformation.

The ‘yielding heart’ is powerful for attracting grace and joy. By cultivating an open and receptive heart, we create a fertile ground for happiness to flourish.

Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur used to say that the happiest individuals are those who can maintain their happiness under all circumstances. This resilience comes from a deep-rooted understanding that happiness is not contingent upon external factors but is an intrinsic quality that can be cultivated from within.

By embracing a state of contentment and letting go of our excessive attachments and expectations, we liberate ourselves from the cycle of desire. This leads to a profound inner peace and a sense of boundless bliss that surpasses fleeting pleasures. The secret to finding the path of everlasting happiness is to develop a yielding heart that has a cheerful disposition of accepting nature’s blessings.


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