Shwirkers, don't skip organisational work

Shwirkers – workers who shirk work – beware. You may very well be issued a show-cause notice for ‘not taking interest in organisational work‘. Which is what the incumbent Hazaribagh MP and former central minister Jayant Sinha has been issued by his organisation, BJP. The notice elaborated that Sinha had not only slacked off from work on the poll campaign ‘ever since the party declared Manish Jaiswal as the candidate from Hazaribagh Lok Sabha seat’, but he had – horror of horrors! – ‘did not even feel the need to exercise your vote’. One would imagine that Jai Prakash Bhai Patel, Congress candidate who left BJP two months back, must also be piqued. He would have understandably expected the two-time sitting MP to have voted for him in the privacy of the polling booth just to spite his party who has junked him.

It didn’t help that of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Sinha’s son recently walked into Congress’. Sinha Sr had earlier expressed his desire not to contest the elections so that he could focus on ‘combating climate change’. Climatic change within his party seems to have, indeed, elicited a combative reaction from him. So, shwirkers, don’t skip those office team-building get-togethers. You may get a notice from HR about how the company image ‘has been maligned because of your conduct’.


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