Sitting around a bonfire

Sitting around a bonfire and chatting with friends is one of the best treats the winter season can offer. The fun activity begins with scouring the area for dry leaves, small twigs and wood shavings that go into making a bonfire. This activity may sound boring to many, but it’s not. It’s almost like playing a game of treasure hunt.

Later in the evening, once a bonfire is lit, everyone becomes a storyteller. Even the quietest person in the group has a tale to share. Tales of adventures are recounted, and moments of quiet introspection intertwined, creating a tapestry of shared experiences. Each person adds a thread to this narrative, weaving deep connections. The scent of wood smoke is a comforting embrace that envelopes everyone in its aromatic veil.

Under the vast expanse of the starlit sky, time seems to pause. Around the bonfire, friendships are kindled. With worries melting away, only the warmth of camaraderie and the serenity of the night is there for everyone to savour. As the fire gradually wanes, leaving behind a bed of glowing embers, the echoes of laughter and shared stories linger on, etched into the memory of that magical night around the bonfire.


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