Sky TV will pay your broadband bills until June 2024, but time is running out to claim

sky tv free broadband

Sky TV will pay for your broadband bills until early 2024. Yes, really (Image: SKY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS )

Sky is offering to pay your broadband bills for the next nine months when you switch to one of its latest and greatest set-top boxes, either Sky Stream or Sky Glass. But the company has warned this giveaway won’t be around for long.

“Hurry – offer ends soon,” the company has warned on its broadband deals.

With this incredible internet giveaway – one of the we’ve seen in some time – you’ll benefit from 9 months of free broadband, with a choice of speeds between 63Mbps (a little under the average household broadband speed in this country) up to a blisteringly-fast 500Mbps full-fibre connection (roughly 7x faster than the UK average).

Prices start from just £14 per month for Sky Glass, while those with Sky Stream will need to pay a minimum of £26.

For £26 per month, you’ll get a Sky Stream set-top box with 150 live television channels, 500 boxsets from HBO, Peacock and Sky Originals, a complete Netflix subscription, and free broadband (with your choice of download speeds). This bundle of channels and on-demand content unlocks must-watch shows like Succession, Euphoria, House of the Dragon, The Last Of Us, And Just Like That, Game of Thrones alongside Netflix hit shows Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Stranger Things.

sky broadband offer ends soon

Sky has updated the listings on its site to reflect the end of the promotion, which is due anytime (Image: SKY)

As the name suggests, Sky Stream doesn’t rely on a satellite dish affixed to the outside of your home but instead beams live television, sport fixtures, and on-demand boxsets over Wi-Fi. It also forgoes an internal hard-drive, so you’ll never need to worry about running out of storage – no matter how many hours of telly or movies you record, thanks to its clever cloud storage options.

If you’re unsure whether this is the right box for you, read our five-star  for our in-depth opinion.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new television, Sky Glass will be your best option. This all-in-one 4K Ultra HD has everything inside you need to watch live and on-demand television from Sky TV.

It also has a QLED screen, a Dolby Atmos soundbar built into the frame, and a far-field microphone array so you can use voice commands to change channels, pause content, and find your next binge-watch.

Sign-up for Sky Glass or Sky Stream and your broadband bills will drop to £0 for the next nine months 

Sky Glass is available to buy outright, or the cost can spread out across a number of months with 0% APR. Price starts from just £14 for the first three months.

After that, Sky will begin charging for its premium telly content, which costs £26 for its entry-level Sky Entertainment bundle. That’s the one with the same package mentioned above with 150 live channels, 500 boxsets, and a Netflix subscription.

And of course, you’ll enjoy 9 months with free broadband. Starting from the 10th month of your new contract, Sky will begin charging for your broadband connection. The cost of this depends on the download speed you picked.

sky glass in pink

Sky Glass in an all-in-one 4K TV with a QLED screen, Dolby Atmos soundbar, and Sky TV built-in (Image: SKY)

For example, if you decide to get started with a 43-inch Sky Glass telly, you’ll pay just £14 for the first three months. From the fourth month, those monthly bills will rise to £40 as Sky begins to charge for its Ultimate TV bundle with Netflix.

After the 10th month has passed, you’ll begin to pay for your broadband connection. If you’ve plumped for a speedy full-fibre 500Mbps package, you’ll need to pay an extra £48 per month, bringing the total to £88. But if you decide on a more modest 61Mbps broadband package, then you’ll only see an extra £34.50 added to your bills, bringing the total to £74.50 per month.

Like Sky Stream, Sky Glass doesn’t need a satellite dish to beam live television, exclusive sports fixtures and movies to your screen. Everything is handled by Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection.

It relies on a QLED panel, so expect improved contrast and vivid colours compared to standard LED. While it can’t quite match the cavernous blacks found on OLED panels, QLED tends to be brighter – perfect when watching during the day, or when there are reflections on the screen.

Sky Glass is a 4K TV with everything you need to watch live and on-demand Sky TV built-in

sky stream box under television

Sky Stream has all of the same smarts as Sky Glass, but works with any television (Image: SKY)

It packs a 4K Ultra HD resolution – 4x the number of pixels of standard 1080p High Definition – and Dolby Atmos, courtesy of the built-in soundbar. Glass has a number of clever features that are unique to its all-in-one hardware, including the ability to sense when you’re in the room and sat down on the sofa, switching itself on automatically and cycling through some of the latest recommendations based on your viewing history and the most talked-about shows, sports, and films.

Since it has apps for the biggest streamers preinstalled (you’ll find Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, ITVX, All4 and more present and correct in the Apps section of the menu, with shows and films from these services suggested in the main menu if the AI think they match your interests) there’s no need for a Fire TV or Apple TV – freeing up an extra HDMI port for Blu-ray players, consoles, and more. Likewise, there’s no need to sacrifice an HDMI port for a soundbar, like the Sonos Beam, meaning you won’t need to juggle between connections behind the telly.

If you’re unsure whether you want to get your next 4K Ultra HD television from the teams at Sky, check out our . We’ve spent an extended time with this all-in-one telly.

As mentioned above, you can customise these deals based on the broadband speed you need. To illustrate the savings available, we’ve broken down exactly what is included in the two examples below.

Sky Stream with FREE home broadband
Price: £26 for the first 9 months
What’s Included? Sky Stream set-box, Sky Entertainment package, Netflix subscription, and full-fibre 500Mbps broadband
Contract Length: 18 months
Price After 10th Month: £74 for the remainder of your contract term

Sky Glass with FREE home broadband
Price: £14 for first 3 months, then £40 from months 3 to 9
What’s Included? Sky Glass TV (43″, 55″, 65″), Sky Entertainment package, Netflix subscription, and full-fibre 500Mbps broadband
Contract Length: 18 months for TV and Broadband, but Sky Glass repayments can last longer
Price After 10th Month: £88 for the remainder of your contract term


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