Sleeve-wearers, do tuck your beliefs in

Subtlety‘s stock has been down for a while. It has tanked especially during this election time. Nothing showcases this slide as unsubtly as people wearing their beliefs on their sleeve. This is bespoke wokeness that predates PC culture. Under the garb of freedom to expression, loud, uninvited proclamations of one’s beliefs, akin to a peacock flaunting its feathers in a library, are made – about one’s religion, sexual inclinations, food habits, taste in movies….

Sleeve-wearers have traded any nuanced show for a bullhorn and soapbox. No matter how well-intentioned, their beliefs are thrust upon unsuspecting bystanders with the subtlety of a foghorn. And, in the ‘right’ hands, they are lapped up and become fabric for another tide of sleeve-wearers. This flaunting isn’t just impolite but also crass. It reduces one’s personal beliefs into showcasing, social media-style. When beliefs are worn so openly, they become barriers rather than bridges, labels that constrict the believers while confining those outside the club. So, sleeve-wearers, fold up your sleeves, tuck away your beliefs and take quiet pride, rather than make loud declarations. Leave exhibitionism to the exhibitionists. For, once you enter the arena of competitive proclamations and chest-thumping, you’ll find your beliefs becoming pointless, and only displaying them addictive.


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