Sorn Bangkok

There’s Bangkok’s superb street food. And then there’s Sorn, the 2-Michelin star restaurant housed in a beautiful 90-year-old building in Bangkok’s central Khlong Toei district. The interiors are luxurious, and the seating arrangement is unique. Diners are divided into several dining rooms, some offering great views of the kitchen.

Owners Khun Ice and Chef Yod, both from south Thailand, source almost all ingredients from that part of the country. Sustainability is important, so they only purchase produce from their own network of farmers and anglers from 14 southern Thai provinces.

The cooking is Thai – refined, elegant and delicious. Clay pot cooking, leaf-steaming and charcoal grilling is the norm. Each meal is elaborate – 14 courses with over 22 dishes.

Indulge in sides like sand mole crabs or grilled southern chicken, before moving on to ‘Forest Meets the Sea’ salad of southern herbs, turmeric rice, morinda rice and a fish innards dressing. Or classics like fresh yellow curry, grilled crispy pork and taro soup. The condiments are equally elaborate. Southern Thai food simply cannot get better.


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