Starting Up a Trade: Why a Back-to-Basics Approach Suits Startups

Starting Up a Trade: Why a Back-to-Basics Approach Suits Startups

Looking for a startup idea? Do you want a scalable enterprise that you can begin with just a small amount of capital? If you are not afraid of hard work, learning some new skills, and managing people, why not try a trade? From plumbers to electricians, carpenters and builders; the demand is always there for a skilled craftsperson.

Once you get the ball rolling you can start hiring other qualified workers and take a managerial stance, generating business and sending people off to jobs. Scale up by increasing the size of the area you serve. Set up a second headquarters in a new town or city. The possibilities, and profits, are potentially endless.

Building from the Ground Up

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you have some experience in a trade like plumbing, or you have done a bit of decorating in your time, start there. You can set up shop online and start trying to generate work. Document your achievements with photographs and customer reviews to add to your Facebook page and Instagram account. Your startup costs can be minimal depending on your vocation, but make sure you equip yourself with safety equipment and PPE for the job like work boots, masks, and a hard hat.

Many Hands Make Light Work

You can subcontract anyone for a job, so if you see things you cannot do, you can hire someone to fill in the gaps of your experience and learn from them at the same time. Network to get work too. They will return the favour if they see an opportunity for you in one of their jobs. As the number of opportunities grows, you can think about taking someone else on to help you out at first and work on solo jobs later on when you have some confidence in their abilities. The more jobs you do, the more work will come in through word of mouth, building your trade up into a construction business. It may take a while to get the ball rolling, but once it starts you will be able to expand quickly.

Creating Your Own Work

With some money coming in, an expanded skillset, and workers buzzing around town, you are set up to make some work for yourself by taking your profits and investing them in a property. You should have all the connections and experience you need to find a house with fixing up to rent or sell to use your resources to create a new revenue stream. This is a smart way to invest your profits and maximise your return, saving money with your own elbow grease and leveraging your network and workers to squeeze as much value as you can from your money. Starting yourself up in a trade can lead you to a business empire, and on to a portfolio of profitable properties.

When people think of startups, they think about being a CEO or taking on the world of eCommerce, but trades are a profitable business that has stood the test of time. Plumbers, electricians, builders; everyone needs one at one point or another. Grab yourself a piece of the pie and build a business you can rely on for years to come.

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