Step up to the plate: Orfali Bros Bistro

The next time you’re in Dubai – if you’re not already in Dubai – you just have to get yourself a place at Orfali Bros Bistro at Jumeirah. Run by the eponymous three brothers – head chef Mohammad and patissiers Wassim and OmarOBB is international chic, West Asian classic.

Enter its open restaurant space, dominated by the 2-storey kitchens overlooking diners, and you’ll realise that OBB is about tasting both sumptuous food and space. You can start with what the menu has as ‘Ooh La La’ – foie gras, hazelnut, quince vinegar and hazelnut miso.

Once you get appetised, don’t even try to resist the miso tahini salmon salad, populated dexterously with calamansi (Philippine lime), yuzu (another citrus fruit) and spicy herbs. There’s also ‘shish barak a la gyoza’ – wagyu beef dumplings – your ticket to taste buds heaven.

For the vegetarian gastronome, you have fabulous pides – ‘Turkish pizza‘ – including the tongue-smacking burnt leeks and truffle variety. And don’t you dare leave – or appreciatively belch – before you’ve tried either the karaz (cherry in Arabic), a dark chocolate cake ecstasy with chocolate mousse, sour cherry and almond and choc shortbread. OBB is the word in Dubai.


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