Tech Associations' letter to House Homeland Security Committee on Government Competition, Security for Software … – Computer and Communications Industry Association

Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association and the Software & Information Industry Association penned a letter signed by three other associations ahead of a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on the cybersecurity risks, which compromised a substantial number of government agency servers. Microsoft’s Vice Chairman and President Brad Smith is expected to answer questions about Microsoft security incidents.

The SIIA/CCIA letter pointed to the serious cybersecurity risk to  public-sector organizations  “stemming from the use of the same vendor for operating systems, email, office software, and security tooling.” As the letter makes clear,

“to improve the security and resiliency of the United States, the federal government must take steps to increase vendor diversity and ensure products with poor security are no longer acceptable within federal government networks.”

About CCIA:

CCIA is an international, not-for-profit trade association representing a broad cross section of communications and technology firms. For more than 50 years, CCIA has promoted open markets, open systems, and open networks. CCIA members employ more than 1.6 million workers, invest more than $100 billion in research and development, and contribute trillions of dollars in productivity to the global economy.


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