The 5 Best Types of Business to Launch for Total Beginners

The 5 Best Types of Business to Launch for Total Beginners

There’s an unbelievable range of possibilities out there, and sifting through them to find the best fit for you can feel impossible. Fret not! From franchises and sole traders to limited companies and beyond, these business structures offer varying degrees of risk, responsibility, and potential returns, making them suitable for different kinds of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sole Trader Businesses

Being a sole trader (AKA self-employed) is a straightforward business model that can be an excellent choice for novices in the business world. From freelance copywriting to running a small online shop, the options are plentiful. The simplicity of set-up, full control over the business, and minimum legal paperwork make it a desirable choice for beginners.

With this freedom comes the liability. As a sole trader, you’re personally responsible for any business debts. Ensure you have a thorough understanding of your market, solid financial planning, and, ideally, a unique selling proposition to set you apart from the competition.

Limited Companies

Starting a limited company is another viable option for beginners, particularly those with a business idea that requires external funding. In a limited company structure, the company’s finances are separate from personal finances, offering a safety net against personal financial risk.

Running a limited company does involve more responsibilities than operating as a sole trader. There’s more regulation to comply with, and accounts need to be filed annually at Companies House. Despite this, the benefits, including tax efficiency and a professional image, can outweigh the challenges for many.

Franchise Businesses

Entering the business landscape as a franchisee could be a smart move for beginners. With a franchise, you’re granted the rights to operate under a well-established brand. This business structure lowers the risk and provides a tried-and-tested model, helping newbies navigate the commercial seas with relative ease.

As a franchisee, it’s crucial to remember that while you’re benefiting from the established brand and support network, you must adhere to their established protocols. Be prepared for initial franchising costs and ongoing royalties, but remember the brand recognition you gain could be invaluable in your entrepreneurial journey. You can find your perfect franchise for sale over at Franchise Local.

Partnership Businesses

For beginners with a trusted business partner, a partnership business can be a great start. Pooling resources, sharing responsibilities, and blending different skills and expertise can give your business a competitive edge and increase its chances of success.

Be aware of the potential pitfalls – if disagreements arise, they can affect the business, and each partner is liable for the partnership’s debts. Draft a robust partnership agreement from the get-go to avoid complications down the line.

Home-based Businesses

Home-based businesses, including home baking, tutoring, or crafts, offer an excellent opportunity for beginners to venture into the business world. Low overhead costs, convenience, and the ability to manage professional and personal life balance make this an appealing model for many.

Successful home-based businesses require discipline, motivation, and self-promotion skills. Potential distractions from the home environment and the challenge of separating work and home life are considerations to bear in mind. Proper planning, goal setting, and a dedicated workspace can help ensure your home-based business thrives.

The Takeaway

Deciding on the right business type to launch as a beginner is a significant first step on your entrepreneurial journey. Be it a franchise, a sole trader venture, a limited company, or any of the other options discussed above, the choice you make should align with your financial capabilities, business acumen, and personal ambitions.

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