The Best Gaming Websites

The Best Gaming Websites

There are a couple of ways that you can rank the best websites when it comes to gaming. You can do it by looking at the traffic for the website, and of course, the higher the traffic, the more popular the website. 

But there are a couple of other ways that you can rank gaming websites. You can look at the quality of the content on it, or in some cases, the range of games on it. 

There are many things that can make up a gaming website, so here are a couple of the best gaming websites and why they are worth your time. 


Jackpotjoy hosts a huge amount of games, you’ll find bingo, slots, Slingo and Live Casino options! But where Jackpotjoy shines is the blog. If you are an online casino lover and want to know about strategies, new games, popular trends, and how to make the most of their free games, then the blog is where you need to go. 

Their blog is broken up into different categories, so no matter what casino news you need, you’ll find it there. Or you can just enjoy the slots, bingo, and other casino games – the choice is yours! 


If GamesRadar+ isn’t covering it, then you might need to ask yourself if it is worth talking about! What GamesRadar+ gets right is that it balances features, paid placements, guides, reviews, and news. There isn’t too much of one thing VS the rest of the content. 

Unlike some game sites, you can tell that GamesRadar+ isn’t about churning out fast content, their reviews aren’t usually the first to be published, but they are in-depth. And, since we know that gamers tend to love reading about hardware, the reviews here come with pros and cons. 


Steam can be a mixed bag, but if you enjoy reading other people’s experiences of games, then Steam is worth its weight in gold. You’ll find well-written reviews and a fair enough of reviews written in spite of or to be funny. 

The review system that Steam has means that it is easy for you to go through and find what is trending, what games people are adding to their wish lists, and more. Ahead of spending money on a PC game, heading to Steam to see what other people are saying can save you some cash – or help you make up your mind. 


The homepage of GameSpot is packed with its most recent reviews, news, and what is up-coming. If you head to the menu, though, you’ll find something that not all game websites have. GameSpot has a deals hub that covers gaming and electronic deals for games, DCL, game pass bundles, preorders, sales, and more. 

Aside from the content written by the staff and other contributors, you’ll find a forum where people can discuss all types of things related to games. The forum is busy, and you’ll find that the latest post or response is never more than 5 minutes ago. Ideal for those who like to discuss niche games, tactics, or anything else game related. 


Some people might say that Metacritic is the gaming version of Rotten Tomatoes. Long reviews can be tiresome to go through, and if you want something that is to the point, then Metacritic is the place for you. 

It pulls data from a range of review websites and scores the game based on what other people are saying. It is possible to check out both critic reviews and player reviews if you want. 

While applying a single number rating to games can be tricky, it is a good indicator of the popularity and enjoyment of the game. Always keep in mind that niche games might not get as much coverage and may have a lower score than more significant releases. Taking the initial score with a pinch of salt and then checking reviews on one of the other websites is the best course of action. 


Gaming is a more immersive experience, and sometimes reading reviews don’t do the game justice. Being able to watch players in real-time navigate the game can give you a much better indicator of if the game is for you. 

Not only that, but it can be nice to watch other people play the game you are playing. Play styles do differ, and professional gamers might be able to solve puzzles or give you tips that you hadn’t considered. 

Another thing that Twitch does well is that it allows gamers and spectators to enjoy social interactions. You can tune into the same gamers all the time and are likely to see the same user tags in the chat. Not only that, but many games offer drops if you tune into streamers who are playing that game and have drops enabled. 

Game Informer

In the last couple of years, there have been more crossovers between games, movies, and TV series, and unlike many other websites, Game Informer covers it all. Like some of the others, you’ll find prominent features and news about upcoming releases, often with previews, reviews, and opinion pieces. 

It feels like an online magazine, and the theme they use also leans heavily into keeping it simple – making it easy to navigate and enjoyable to use. The writing staff are long-time gamers, and it shows in the content of the product. 

So there you have a range of different game websites that offer up the latest news, previews, deals, and more in the gaming industry. Remember to sign up for the newsletters, so you get the latest news direct to your inbox!

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