‘The best’ mould-banishing gadget EVER has shoppers losing their minds as they discover its cheapest price yet

A DEVICE that absorbs moisture and odours to prevent the build-up of mould and musty smells has got many shoppers excited.

The Unibond Aero 360 is said to ‘help create a comfortable indoor climate’ and is on sale at Screwfix for just £9.79.

The device is said to absorb moisture and neutralise odour with 360° air circulation


The device is said to absorb moisture and neutralise odour with 360° air circulationCredit: Screwfix

It is advertised to last ‘3 months’ and is suitable for ‘Rooms up to 20m²’.

The device doesn’t need to be plugged in and is completely silent while it absorbs the moisture in the air.

It is also supplied with a tablet.

Screwfix is currently the retailer selling the Unibond Aero for less than £10.

However, it is Black Friday today – and this sale might not go on for much longer.

Even with Black Friday in full effect places such as Tesco and Amazon are nowhere near the price of Screwfix – with Tesco charging a whopping £16.

Reviews left by customers have been positive with many leaving 5-star reviews on Screwfix’s online page.

One customer wrote: “Bought 3 of these recently. Would highly recommend.

“I’ve put 2 in my conservatory and 1 in the kitchen. Amazing how much water it has collected in 1 day.”

Another said: “I use this in our spare room, where we dry our clothes on a heated airer.

“Before we got this, we would have run marks on the wall from the condensation, since getting this, we no longer have the run marks.

“Very, very happy with this simple, but effective product.”

One customer explained how they wanted to replace their old device but found the prices at other retailers expensive.

They wrote: “I bought this item to replace our old one we had, look all over for one but some places were a lot dearer than Screwfix.”

“Great service,” they added.

A customer who used the device for his cellar wrote: “I bought this for a damp cellar and once set up, which was easy (though you do need to be careful touching the refill, wash hands after) it quickly got to work collecting the excess moisture.

“Smells nice, does what it says, a great product that’s affordable and very nice quality.

“Well worth the money.”

Not every customer was a fan of the affordable Unibond Aero 360.

An unhappy customer said: “I purchased four of these, one for my car and three for the house, to deal with condensation.

“This morning the windows were covered in condensation and the Unibonds had virtually no liquid in the tray.

“Absolutely useless,” they added, leaving a 1-star review.

While another shopper wrote: “This works OK to absorb some condensation but I still found wet wall around the window where I kept this product.

“I need to invest in a dehumidifier I guess.”

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