The Best Type of Flowers for a Birthday

Birthday is one of the main reasons to give flowers to your loved ones. Someone buys a bouquet for congratulations on the way to the holiday but most think in advance about which composition to choose. Find out how to choose the best flowers for birthday and please your loved ones.

The Best Type of Flowers for a Birthday

A Bouquet for a Woman

It can be difficult to pick the right flower for birthday gift in a wide range of design solutions. But do not despair. Use birthday flowers delivery in London by following the link to find a suitable bouquet for your wife or girlfriend.

When choosing flowers, first of all, you should focus on a woman’s age. For little princesses on their first birthday bouquets of delicate shades with small inflorescences are suitable. These are daisies, violets, and spray roses. It is customary to decorate a children’s gift with bows, butterflies, and rhinestones or make it in the form of a cute toy.

What flowers do you give a girl for her birthday? It is better to choose plants with buds of delicate, pastel colours: white, pink, cream, and blue.

The older the woman, the richer the shade of the flowers to send for birthday should be. If you do not know what to pick, then in this case rose is a universal option.

Choosing a bouquet for an anniversary is a responsible task. Such floral sets for ladies should be lush and chic. Women for the anniversary of 50, 60, and 70 years old can be presented with peonies or peony roses of various shades. Compositions of chrysanthemums, symbolising wisdom and longevity, or noble dahlias, are also suitable.

Lily represents purity and peace, devotion, and mercy. When presenting lilies to a lady, remember that they look beautiful only in large bouquets. As a rule, they are given for the anniversary.

What flowers you shouldn’t give for a birthday? Avoid inflorescences of maroon tones or close to black. Not everyone loves these colours in bouquets.

Flowers for a Wife

Using the language of floristry, you can convey passionate feelings and even ask for forgiveness. For this, it is better to choose bright red roses. And if they are decorated in the form of a heart, then words are not needed at all. Looking at such a present, your beloved will understand everything.

Bouquet for a Boss or Colleague

There are always women in any team and each of them dreams of being happy and surrounded by attention. Flowers for a female boss will be the best compliment from subordinates.

VIP compositions will work well. It is better to order the flower delivery directly to the office. A mono-bouquet of roses will look spectacular. But red shades that indicate passion should be avoided. It’s good to keep the colour solution in orange tones since orange personifies power and success.

Bouquet for Mother’s Birthday

As a token of gratitude, the mother’s birthday flowers should be chosen according to her personal taste. Delightful roses, tender lilies of the valley, cheerful daisies, joyful gerberas… Everything that your mom loves will be the best gift for her.

But do not go to extremes. White buds are usually given to brides and scarlet buds to spouses and lovers. Although, if your mother does not mind, then this rule can also be violated. Beloved sons and daughters are best acquainted with their mother’s preferences.

Flowers for a Friend

Years of friendship are no joke. Thinking about flowers for friend’s birthday, first of all, you need to imagine the colour scheme of the gift. Bright, sunny, joyful shades of yellow will be an expression of the wishes for happiness, good luck, and family well-being.

For example, tulips are a sign of tenderness, love, and sincere affection. In some countries, it is believed that happiness is hidden in a tightly closed bud. A bouquet of tulips is a wish for a happy life for the birthday girl. My Flowers florists will create an author’s bouquet for your friend, taking into account her tastes and wishes.

Bouquet for a Man

Special flowers for birthday are rarely given to men. We briefly list the rules for composing bouquets for men:

  • The colour should be saturated, for example, burgundy, purple, and blue. The composition can be bright red only if it is intended for a lover.
  • A variety of colours is acceptable for presenting it to your favourite artists. It is worth giving callas, gladioli, and delphinium.

Many of us are wondering what flowers to give for a birthday when there is not much time left before the holiday. In many ways, the decision depends on who the bouquet is intended for – a colleague, relative, wife, or girlfriend.

Flowers are better than any words to compliment loved ones. If you choose a bouquet, taking into account the florist’s advice, your present will definitely give pleasant emotions.

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