The Differences between Half-Couch and Full-Couch Caskets

The Differences between Half-Couch and Full-Couch Caskets

The half-couch and full-couch caskets may be the two most common alternatives for burial and funeral services. You have probably seen a half-couch coffin before since it is possibly the most common type of casket. As it is solely intended to have the head part visible to the attendees, it is the perfect open-casket funeral service casket. As a result, you will only be able to see your departed loved one’s upper half. The casket’s lid is made up of two parts hinged together. The lid’s two parts may be opened as needed. This is helpful when the funeral home workers are placing the corpse inside the casket.

On the contrary, the full-couch casket is a less popular funeral casket than the half-couch. This casket type lets one see the deceased’s whole body, in contrast to the half-couch. The full-couch casket’s lid is only one piece and hinged. You may see the deceased’s full body by completely removing the lid. However, there are some other differences that you might find noteworthy. 


Most people ask themselves why they cover the legs in a casket. Additionally, it’s unclear why half-couch caskets started to become more popular once manufacturers and artisans started producing them. Nevertheless, some researchers think the expansion of funeral homes may be related to the increase in various types of caskets. Funeral directors have a greater propensity to favor open-casket viewings as the funeral industry has grown. The need for a casket that would permit mourners to only view a portion of the deceased’s corpse rose due to its rising popularity.


Half-couch caskets are more common than full-couch caskets; therefore, they are typically simpler to acquire. That does not imply that finding a full-couch casket is impossible. It simply implies there’s a possibility that some of the casket providers you take into account might only provide the half-couch kind. A full-couch casket, however, could occasionally be more expensive than a half-couch one. You should bear this in mind if you’re shopping for inexpensive caskets. The laws of supply and demand can lead the price of full-couch caskets to be greater than the cost of half-couch caskets, even if it is not always the scenario that one kind will be more or less expensive than the other.


Large floral arrangements frequently sit on top of caskets at funerals with closed caskets. Obviously, this isn’t possible if the casket is open, so someone usually only thinks about it if they’re buying a full-couch casket. They won’t be able to put flowers on top of a half-couch coffin since they will probably keep it open for viewing. Of course, this does not exclude the addition of a floral spray after the casket has been shut. When purchasing a half-couch casket, the possibility of adding flowers is still available. Simply put, when mourners choose the full-couch style, that option is more common.

Although some people wonder why do they cover the legs in a casket, your final decision about choosing a full- or half-couch coffin will depend on your inclinations and cultural practice. However, no matter where you reside, even if you don’t see one displayed in a casket display hall, catalog, or mentioned on a funeral home’s casket pricing list, you should inquire with your funeral provider regarding the availability of your preferred choice.

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