The return of ML, MMXXIV version

For those bemoaning the shortness of public memory, its shortness has a pleasant side. Monica Lewinsky may not ring bells for those on the good side of your 30s. But even if you didn’t much follow the 50-year-old former White House intern over the last decade, the latest addition to her cap should make you register her name, for new time’s sake. This time, she’s mixing her two pursuits – social activism and fashion design (she started her own line of designer bags in the 2000s) – and appears as brand ambassador-model for an office power dressing brand. She’s also the designer house’s face for its new voter registration campaign.

When LA-based brand, Reformation, wanted to expand its line from its signature floral patterns and silky dresses to high-end workwear, Lewinsky appeared in the company’s campaign wearing a black pencil skirt, white shirt and heels in an office overlooking a city skyline, with the caption: ‘We’re giving you the power. With some help from a friend.’ Many old-timers didn’t recognise her, until it was revealed earlier this week that this was ML circa MMXXIV. The campaign’s also about registering to vote for the upcoming US elections, and about looking the boss at work. For those curious about her mixing politics with aesthetics, there’s no need now to look into the past. We are in the post-post-post-post-Clinton era.


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