The Role of V2G (Vehicle to Ground) Yard Lifts

The Role of V2G (Vehicle to Ground) Yard Lifts

Vehicle-to-ground yard lifts have revolutionised vehicle loading and unloading. They are an economical, safe and fast-fit solution to loading and unloading a range of vehicles delivering and collecting goods from your industrial and commercial premises.

Pit-free V2G loading bay solutions can be installed directly onto the yard or warehouse floor without costly and time-consuming civil work. This is why companies like Transdek believe that the role of these solutions is one that comes with a number of benefits. . A pre-clad modular unit offers plug-and-play pre-tested self-contained technology giving an extra loading bay in as little as one to three days. 

What V2G Options are there?

Capacity can be as large as 13 pallets, with each modular unit being quickly installed on site, bolted to the ground and sealed securely to the front of your warehouse. This ease of fitting also means that the process is simple should they need to be relocated. The ability to relocate the unit means you need not worry if you have to change premises or rearrange your workspace. Your unit can be easily removed and reinstalled in a new location.

To maximise the benefits of a vehicle-to-ground yard lift, you can customise the platform size to your specific load capacity and configuration. The lifts feature a fixed lead-on ramp to give direct access to and from the load platform. The ergonomic date design makes them easy to secure, protecting operatives and the products on board. If your products are temperature sensitive, installing a V2G goods lift with temperature-controlled loading will reduce the worry of seasonal climate change and extended periods on a forklift or tail lift.

Slash Loading Times

Vehicle loading times can be significantly reduced without compromising operator safety. You can reasonably expect your loading/unloading times to be as low as 25 minutes for a single-deck arctic. Just 45 minutes to load or unload a double deck arctic, times in the region of 4-6 times faster than tail-lift operations and 2-3 times faster than a scissor lift. The units are designed to reduce the time it takes to service vehicles while maintaining safety (units have many integral safety features) and site efficiency, improving productivity without extending the working day.

Uncompromising Safety

A V2G yard lift enables you to increase safety without putting your staff at risk. They offer a fixed loading point without increasing onsite traffic movement, significantly reducing the risk of accidents with moving vehicles and increased forklift activity. You can still load the same goods onto the same vehicles but will save on not requiring trained forklift drivers to move goods, as yard lifts can quickly be loaded using roll cages or pallet trucks. You will also reduce the need for onsite fuel storage and could find. As a result, your insurance premiums could lower significantly. Load capacity will allow for an operator, loading vehicle and

Bespoke Solutions

V2G yard lifts can accommodate 4 to 13 pallets plus operator, roll cage or equivalent and hand pallet truck. Modular pod units can handle a range of lifting and load capacities to meet your operational needs, including a floor-to-ground lift of up to 1600mm.

Reduced Downtime

Look for V2G yard lifts that offer rapid fault-finding. Including an HMI pictogram touch screen enables simplified correction of tripped interlocks and diagnostics, reducing downtime and engineer visits for many issues.

A vehicle-to-ground loading bay is the safest way to ensure goods arrive without damage and fully secured as they are raised and lowered. A V2G yard lift will help improve site safety by reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace, including being struck by moving vehicles, objects or workers falling from height. Productivity can be improved too, making V2Gs a win-win for almost any environment. 

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