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Things to Check Before Settling into Your New Home

Things to Check Before Settling into Your New Home

There’s a beautiful thrill in the anticipation of moving into a new home. The blank canvas of fresh walls, the gleam of unscratched floors, and the charm of a new neighborhood can leave one dizzy with excitement. But, before you unpack those boxes and pop the champagne, there are a few crucial checks to ensure your transition is smooth and secure. Let’s delve into the most vital things to check before settling into your cozy corner.

1. The Essential Walk-Through

Why is it Necessary?

Before your moving truck pulls up, take an unhurried walk through your new home. This gives you a chance to ensure that all previously agreed-upon repairs were made by the previous owner and that the condition matches what was stated in your contract.

2. Engage a Snagging Service

Benefitting from a Professional Eye

Minor issues such as a missing tile or a slightly misaligned door may escape your eye, but they won’t escape a professional’s. Engaging a snagging service is invaluable, as they provide an exhaustive assessment of any defects or inconsistencies in the property. This not only ensures you’re getting your money’s worth but also that your home will be free of any little annoyances down the line.

3. Safety Checks: Non-Negotiable!

Electrical Systems

Test all the electrical sockets using a small appliance. Ensure circuit breakers are labeled and functioning. Websites like ElectricalSafetyFirst offer a plethora of information on how to maintain electrical safety in homes.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Replace batteries in all detectors, even if they seem functional. It’s essential to know that they’re reliable. FireSafetyAdvice gives a comprehensive guide on how to ensure your new home is fire-safe.

4. Connection and Utility Checks

Water and Plumbing

Run the taps to ensure a steady flow and check for potential leaks. Flush toilets and inspect seals around showers and tubs.

Internet and Cable

If these services are crucial for you, set them up in advance. On moving day, confirm they’re operational.

5. Appliances and HVAC System

Test All Appliances

Ensure the oven heats, the fridge cools, and the dishwasher runs its cycle. If appliances are included in the purchase, they need to be in the stipulated condition.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Check the HVAC system to ensure it’s running smoothly. Clean or replace filters as necessary. If unfamiliar with HVAC maintenance, sites like HVACedu provide foundational knowledge.

6. Exterior and Landscape

Roof and Gutters

While a comprehensive home inspection would’ve covered this, it’s good to give it a quick check. Ensure gutters are clean and free of debris.


Check the grading around your home to ensure water flows away from your property. Inspect any decks or patios for possible wear and tear.

7. Know Your Home’s Main Controls

Water Shut-off Valve

In case of emergencies, it’s essential to know where the main water shut-off valve is located.

Gas Shut-off Valve

Similarly, familiarize yourself with the gas shut-off valve, especially if you have gas-powered appliances.

Main Electrical Circuit Breaker

Know where the main electrical circuit breaker is, so you can quickly switch off electricity in case of need.

8. Community Etiquette and Rules

If you’re moving into a community with a homeowners’ association or similar entity, familiarize yourself with the rules. From parking guidelines to noise restrictions, being aware of community rules ensures a harmonious living experience.


Transitioning to a new home is more than just a change of address; it’s the start of a fresh chapter. Ensuring this transition is seamless requires a bit of meticulous checking and preparation. While it may feel like a tedious task amidst the excitement, these checks are your insurance for a hassle-free and joyous life in your new abode. Here’s to new beginnings in a home that’s safe, sound, and utterly yours!

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