This iPhone camera feature is the quickest way to get pro shots … – Tom's Guide

The iPhone camera is a fantastic tool for the keen photographer. Sure, it won’t provide you the same precise control or professional results as you’d get with one of the best mirrorless cameras. But, as the old adage goes, the best camera is the one you have with you — your iPhone will presumably always be with you, even when your bigger camera isn’t, often making your phone the best tool for the job.

That said, while today’s iOS devices like the iPhone 14 Pro can take stunning photos, they won’t do so automatically. A poorly taken shot is poor no matter what it was taken on. There is still some element of skill and photographic eye required to capture a great looking photo on iPhone. A big part of this is composition — that is to say, how you lay out (or “compose”) your shots. A brilliantly composed shot can make even run-of-the-mill subject matter look good, simply thanks to how and where the subject is placed in frame — this positioning in itself can create visual interest.


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