This week in data: Don’t be an AI tourist

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“Don’t be an AI tourist” is excellent advice from a post on The World Economic Forum. The post includes a fascinating survey: The AI Readiness Report which demonstrates that 81% of companies are now working with generative AI and how the focus on models is changing. Watch the video below for more details on the report and how it matters for your business, an insightful conversation with a special guest about how you can get the greatest value from your communication team, and rich research, resources and examples.

This week’s CarCast covers the following:

  1. The 2023 AI Readiness Report: Discover the key results of interviews with almost 3,000 North American ML practitioners given between Dec 22 and the end of Jan 23. There are five key themes you can’t afford to ignore.
  2. How Twilio, Mayo Clinic and Priceline use gen AI: From customer support to helping practitioners identify better information, these customers provide great examples for our community to follow.
  3. Finally, a special guest describes what you need to communicate better and how your business can get the most from your communications team. What do you think? Leave your comments here.

Have a great week!

Bruno Aziza is head of data and analytics at Google Cloud.


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