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New Delhi (India), April 4:  Three enterprising IIT graduates – Rounak Baral, Hardik Lodha, and Shubham Jain – are enhancing wealth management for high-earning individuals with Savingz, India’s first AI tax app. Established in July 2023, Savingz leverages advanced technology to simplify taxes, investments, and overall financial planning.

The Founding Team: A Passion for Finance

Savingz boasts a leadership team steeped in academic excellence and entrepreneurial spirit. Rounak Baral, a tech enthusiast since his early teens, boasts experience with startups and a keen understanding of digital marketing. Hardik Lodha, a business-focused graduate, brings his leadership experience from prestigious events like Alcheringa and successful product management at Topper (acquired by Byju’s). Shubham Jain, with a background in architecture and a thirst for innovation, co-founded the successful Newton School and spearheaded a thriving dropshipping business. Together, they bring a potent blend of expertise to the table.

AI-Powered Innovation for Smarter Wealth Management

Savingz unique selling points include the following:

  • India’s First AI Tax App: Experience seamless tax filing and optimisation powered by AI for maximum returns.
  • End-to-End Wealth Management: Navigate investments, real estate opportunities, and alternative options with personalised guidance from seasoned experts.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage the power of rich data analytics to make informed financial decisions.
  • Security and Privacy: Rest assured that each client’s financial information is protected through top-notch security and compliance levels.

Achieving Remarkable Results for Clients

Savingz boasts a loyal clientele of over 1,000 satisfied individuals. By combining AI capabilities with human expertise, Savingz has demonstrably helped users achieve impressive results:

  • Extra Money Back Guarantee for Tax Returns: On average Savingz save upto 40% extra than conventional CAs and financial firms. Users get the extra money back if they can show otherwise.
  • Over 30% Annualized Returns (IRR) After Taxes: Savingz empowers clients to unlock significant financial gains with fractional investments
  • Negative Cost of Acquisition: Organic growth through referrals and satisfied customers validates the platform’s effectiveness.

Savingz: Ultimate Partner in Financial Success

Whether an individual is a professional investor or just starting their financial journey, Savingz guides them. With its user-friendly app, intuitive interface, and dedicated team, the company offers a one-stop solution for managing clients’ wealth effectively.

Contact Details:-
Email:- hello@savingz.in

Phone Number – 918608600419

About Savingz

Savingz is a leading wealth-tech platform committed to empowering high-earning individuals in India. Combining cutting-edge AI technology with expert wealth management services, Savingz simplifies taxes, optimises investments, and unlocks lucrative financial opportunities for its clients.

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