Tips to Travel in a Large Group in England’s Countryside

Tips to Travel in a Large Group in England’s Countryside

The English countryside is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The rolling hills, quaint villages, historical monuments, and natural scenery are just some of the many things that make it a popular destination for tourists. A recent survey by Country Life magazine found that some 80% of the British population dream of living in the countryside while only 20% live there.

If you’re planning a group trip to England’s countryside, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your experience:

A Pleasant Summer Season in the Countryside

Summer is a great time to visit the countryside. The weather is usually good, and festivals and events are taking place all over the country so that you can enjoy everything from food festivals to music concerts. 

In addition, there are lots of activities available for children, such as pony riding lessons at stables around England’s countryside, where they will learn how to ride horses with an experienced instructor before enjoying their ride around beautiful parks or fields.

CountryLiving had taken out its best-recommended country events and festivals that happened in the summer of 2022. You can include some of these in your English countryside itinerary this year. 

Transportation through Coach

If you’re looking for a comfortable, efficient, and affordable way to travel with your group, coach travel is the perfect solution. Consider hiring the coach from a nearby London town like Epsom by searching for coach hire in Epsom. This will give you convenient pick and drop to the capital and dependable drivers who are well aware of the country’s routes.

Epsom, a town in north Surrey, is in itself a very attractive tourist destination, with world-class gardens and natural and historical landmarks. Coaches hire services in Epsom can accommodate up to 70 passengers in a single vehicle. They’re also equipped with modern conveniences like Wi-Fi and power outlets so everyone can stay connected during the ride.

Coaches make it easy for groups of people to get where they need to go on time without having to worry about traffic jams or long lines at the airport terminal. They have an average speed of 60 miles per hour which means you’ll reach your destination in no time.

Group Travel Essentials

To ensure you have the best group travel experience, here are some essentials.

  • Money: Make sure you have enough money to pay for everything. This includes transportation and accommodation costs, food expenses, and any other purchases that might come up during your trip (such as souvenirs).
  • Time: Plan out your itinerary so that everyone knows what’s going on and when they need to be somewhere. You don’t want anyone arriving late or missing out on something important because they got lost along the way.
  • Space: Make sure there is enough space for everyone in whatever vehicle or public vehicle you’re traveling with, especially if it’s crowded during peak times like rush hour traffic.
  • Food & Water Needs: Even if someone else is paying for all of these things while on vacation together, remember that each person needs their supply of water so they can stay hydrated throughout their visit.

Staying at a Cozy Bed and Breakfast

When planning a large group travel in England’s countryside, there are many different options to consider. One of the most popular is staying at a cozy bed and breakfast. If you’ve never stayed at one before, this can be an excellent way to save money while still having plenty of space for everyone.

B&Bs typically have more rooms than hotels so they’re great if you need something larger than what would be offered in a standard hotel room (and don’t forget,  hotels often charge per person).

 They also tend to be cheaper than hotels, especially when booking multiple rooms, so long as you aren’t looking too far out from city centers or tourist attractions where prices tend to go up due to higher demand from tourists who want their private place rather than sharing with others.

Sightseeing in the English Countryside

While sightseeing in the English countryside, make sure you include the following in your itinerary:

  • Visit a castle. You can take Lonely Planet’s guide to pick England’s most beautiful castles, which have more than 800 such buildings.
  • Visit a country house.
  • Visit an old church or cathedral, like the one in Oxford, which is also known as Christ Church College and has been around since 1096.
  • Go on walks through nature reserves like Thetford Forest in Norfolk, where you can see deer and other wildlife up close. They also have bike trails if your group prefers to cycle around instead of walking or jogging along them.
  • You may want to consider visiting stately homes as well. Many beautiful ones across England offer tours where you can learn about how people lived back then. Do keep in mind that some will require tickets ahead of time due to high demand from tourists so plan accordingly.


Planning a trip to England’s countryside can be a great experience for everyone in your group. It will allow you all to enjoy what the country has to offer and spend quality time together as well as explore some new places. 

If you want this trip to be a success, then some things need to be taken into account beforehand, so make sure they are followed closely when planning everything out.

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