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The automotive industry is in its utmost crucial stages, primarily because of the transition from conventional internal combustion engines to fully electric or hybrid powertrains. Like me, not all are happy about it. However, in the world of luxury cars where people mostly care about the creature comforts and overwhelming tech inside the cabin, the transition seems more sensible. Not to forget the instantaneous performance which could be harnessed from the electric motors. Thanks to the Tesla Model S, which has inspired other automakers and been a source of pride for Elon Musk.

Electric cars are expensive, even if they offer the bare minimum of range, build quality, and road presence. However, given their efficiency and lower maintenance cost, the price seems to be justifiable in the longer run. In addition, with the increase in electric cars in all segments, there are a handful of luxury electric cars that we think are the best in terms of both luxury and performance. We have pointed out the 10 best luxury electric cars of 2023, ranging from $60,000 to more than $400,000.

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10 Polestar 2

2024 Polestar 2 facelift

Front view of the 2024 Polestar 2

Sounds like an odd-ball choice to make the list, but it deserves a spot, especially since it is one of the very few non-sedans here. After successfully serving for five years, the Polestar 2 now has a slightly updated face, more character, and has become significantly more efficient. Gone is the mesh-patterned dummy grille design, and the new “SmartZone” panel, which houses a camera, and radar looks more in line with the Polestar 3. The Polestar 2 now boasts a maximum range of 300 miles, thanks to a larger 82-kWh battery pack, and improved battery chemistry. In addition, the power figures have also seen a rise with the RWD, now churning 299 ponies, and the AWD variant pushing out as many as 455 horses. As for an entry-level luxury electric car, the cabin of the Polestar 2 is surprisingly luxurious. A combination of leather/vegan fabric, wood, soft plastics, and a simply laid-out cabin makes the Polestar 2 shine in a world of over-complicated tech and design. For an estimated $55,000 price tag, the 2024 Polestar 2 could be the ideal luxury EV for the masses.

9 Tesla Model S

A Side Angle Shot Of Tesla Model S

A side angle shot of a red Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has become the go-to luxury electric sedan, especially in the U.S. It is the car that fueled the global EV revolution and is still a great electric luxury car. The 2023 Model S is still in its first generation which was introduced in 2012. However, Tesla has provided a handful of updates both in terms of hardware and software to make the Model S stand the test of time. The base Model S variant, though not as mental as the Plaid, offers a decent mix of outstanding driving range (405 miles) and power (670 ponies). The Plaid is often renowned as the hypercar killer, thanks to the tri-motor powertrain which produces a total of 1,020 ponies. Apart from the internals, both the variants sport tinted glass roof, air suspension, tri-zone automatic AC, heated seats, a 22-speaker flagship audio system, a massive 17-inch touchscreen display, and the infamous steering yoke with heading and power-adjustability. Apart from the reliability issues and the not-so-flagship cabin materials, the Model S is a good bargain for a sub-$100,000 luxury car.

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8 Genesis Electrified G80

2023 Genesis Electrified G80

Front three-quarters shot of a 2023 Genesis Electrified G80

The Genesis G80 is one of the best luxury sedans in its segment, and the Electrified G80 is destined to follow the same path to glory with a cleaner powertrain. Introduced as a 2023 model year, the Electrified G80 is underpinned on the same platform as its ICE-powered sibling. However, instead of the four-pot and the V-6, this “Electrified” version of the G80 features two electric motors, one on each axle. The result is a punchy 365 horses and 516 pound-feet of torque transferred through all four wheels. An 87.2-kWh battery pack powers the vehicle, and like the Genesis GV60, the Electrified G80 supports 350-kW DC charging. The Electrified G80 can travel for an estimated 282 miles on a single charge, which is respectable. As you step inside, the Electrified G80 will remind you that Genesis is just like any other high-end luxury EV, but more affordable ($80,000 approx). The cabin is wrapped in good-quality leather, along with wood and metal trims. As standard, the cabin features a 14.5-inch infotainment display, a power-adjustable and heated steering column, powered and heated front seats, a 12-speaker audio system, and a boatload of ADAS functions.

7 Audi e-tron GT

Audi e-Tron GT
Mike Mareen / Shutterstock

Side profile shot of the Audi e-Tron GT in front of some high-rise buildings

Just like other German automakers, Audi is stepping up the game in the EV world, and the e-tron GT is the first high-performance saloon from Ingolstadt. The e-tron GT is an angry-looking electric saloon on the outside, and surprisingly plush inside. This electric sports sedan is available in two variants, one with 522 horsepower and the top-spec RS model with bumps up the number to 637 horses. Quattro all-wheel-drive is standard, and so is the 83.7-kWh battery pack, which supports 270-kW of DC charging speed. The e-tron GT can travel for a maximum of 238 miles on a single, which is nothing boast-worthy compared to the Tesla Model S, but it does the job. This sleek-looking EV starts at over $105,000, and for that much money, you will get adaptive air suspension, matrix LEDs, tri-zone AC, Bang & Olufsen audio unit, a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, and heated seats. However, for a luxury electric car, most ADAS functions are missing by default, and so is leather seating, and a leather steering wheel.

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6 Porsche Taycan

Front three-quarter look of Taycan Turbo S

Porsche Taycan Turbo S in the wild.

The Taycan is evidence that Porsche can make electric vehicles without jeopardizing the dynamic driving which the brand is known for. With a starting price of $86,700, the Taycan is a better value than its stable-mate, the Audi e-tron GT. For the lower starting price, the base Taycan misses out on AWD, added power from the second electric motor on the front axle, and the 83.7-kWh battery pack. The top dog in the lineup, Taycan Turbo S, is very close to the 911 Turbo S in terms of acceleration. The dual-motor setup is capable of churning out as much as 750 horsepower, which makes it more powerful than its platform-sharing sibling. Like a typical Porsche, the Taycan offers a sense of luxury inside the cabin. You can customize your Taycan inside-out, and even lose your mind in the process, watching the price increase. As standard, Porsche offers heated front seats, dual-zone climate control, a 16.8-inch curved instrument console, a 10.9-inch infotainment display, and an 8.4-inch display for controlling the HVAC and other vehicle-related systems with the Taycan.

5 BMW i7

2023 BMW i7

2023 BMW i7 enjoying the twisties near the Grand Canyon

The 7 Series has been with us for almost half a century. However, for the first time, BMW developed a fully electric 7 Series and is marketing it under the umbrella of the “i” division. The BMW i7 is a full-on luxury electric saloon that has been developed jointly with the gasoline-powered 7 Series and has all the bells and whistles of the latter, including the giant 31.2-inch 8K display at the rear. Like the iX SUV, the i7 is powered by two electric motors, one driving each axle. The combined output from the electric motors is 536 horses and 549 pound-feet of torque. A colossal 101.7-kWh battery pack powers the electric motors and can provide as much as 318 miles of range on a single charge. Apart from the common BMW traits like the latest iDrive 8, and the vast curved panel on the dashboard, the i7 is as luxurious as a super-expensive BMW should be. The seats have heating, cooling, massage functions, loads of power adjustments, you name it. Even the doors open and close automatically with a press of a button. For a starting price of just under $120,000, the i7 delivers everything you need from a luxury sedan, while being the most efficient in the lineup.

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4 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan

2023 Mercedes-AMG EQS 53

Front-end shot of the Mercedes-AMG EQS driving

Unlike BMW, Mercedes offers its electric cars under a different EQ lineup, and the EQS is the ultimate among them. Being visually and technically distinctive from the S-Class, the EQS looks smoother and more tech-savvy than its ICE-powered sibling. Underneath the skin, the EQS saloon rides on Mercedes’ EVA platform and features both single and dual-motor variants. The base EQS450+ has an electric motor on the rear axle, which propels out 329 ponies. Should you require better traction, the EQS450 can be equipped with the 4Matic system. The addition of an electric motor on the front axle boosts the power figures to 355 horses and a whopping 590 pound-feet of twist. However, if you want the best performance, you will have to choose the EQS580, which will unlock 516 horses. Despite the differences in performance, all the EQS models feature the same 107.8-kWh battery pack, which can offer as much as 350 miles of range. Like the S-Class, the EQS features a highly posh interior with ambient lighting, luscious leather, wood, aluminum, and the list goes on. The most notable feature inside the cabin is the 56-inch Hyperscreen, which seems to be straight out of a concept car. Compared to the BMW i7, the EQS feels futuristic and is priced aggressively under $110,000.

3 Lucid Air

Lucid Motors

Front view of Lucid Air parked. 

In recent years, we have seen how EV startups have emerged with some absolute killer specs. However, not many have made a big impact such as Lucid with its Air series of electric luxury saloons. Think of the Lucid Air to be a Mercedes S-Class from 2030. Being Lucid’s firstborn, the Air holds some of the best specs in the industry. It is available in five trims, and the top-spec Sapphire model is supposed to push out over 1,200 horsepower. But if you don’t want that much performance, you can go for the Grand Turing model, estimated to deliver as much as 516 miles per full charge, thanks to the 112.0-kWh battery pack. The interior of the Lucid Air is a pleasing experience, thanks to the more conventional dashboard design. There is a 34-inch curved panel that consists of a driver’s display and an infotainment display. A separate tablet-style display near the center console is present to take care of the HVAC systems. There is plenty of room even if you sit at the rear and the glass roof invites a lot of light inside. For the starting price of about $87,400, the Lucid Air should be on the top of your list, if you are considering a luxury EV.

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2 Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac Celestiq

A shot of the majestic Cadillac Celestiq outside on a beautiful day

Being a luxury brand, Cadillac has been living under the shadow of its German counterparts. The CT6, which was the S-Class and 7 Series equivalent from America, did not receive the accolades it needed. To spice things up, Cadillac has introduced the spanking-new electric luxury saloon, the Celestiq. The Celestiq is nothing like how Cadillac has been all these years, and it looks like a concept car right off the bat. As for the powertrain, the Celestiq is available only with dual electric motors on each axle. The power output from these motors is estimated to be around 600 ponies, which is sufficient for a 3.8-second 0-60. We don’t have any information on the size of the battery pack, but it will incorporate the same Ultium battery pack we have witnessed with the Hummer EV and the Lyriq SUV. Looking inside the cabin of the Celestiq will make you forget about the i7 and even the EQS saloon. Spanning the entire dashboard is a 55-inch display. As for the seating, only four passengers will be welcomed inside. Celestiq’s cabin consists of high-end materials such as genuine leather, aluminum, and open-pore wood. For about $300,000 starting price, the Celestiq could outperform the Rolls-Royce Spectre.

1 Rolls-Royce Spectre

Rolls-Royce Spectre Front End Shot

The Rolls-Royce Spectre showcasing its huge suicide door and aggressive front end

Rolls-Royce, the epitome of luxury heritage in the automotive space, is among the last to introduce a fully electric car, the Spectre. This two-door electric coupe is the spiritual successor to the Wraith but underpins the same ‘Architecture of Luxury’ platform as the Phantom VIII and the Cullinan. The Spectre is powered by two electric motors, cranking 577 horses and 664 pound-feet of torque. The numbers are not class-leading, and a Rolls-Royce is not meant to go super quick either. The BMW-acquired firm has yet to release a few technical details, including the battery pack size. However, we could see the same 101.7-kWh battery pack from the i7. The Spectre, similar to other Rolls-Royce, is very much on the heavier side, with a whopping 6,559 pounds of curb weight. The driving range of the Spectre is not impressive to compete with Lucid and Tesla and is estimated to be about 320 miles (WLTP) and around 260 miles (EPA) on a single charge. On the inside, the Spectre is no different from the latest Rolls-Royce lineup. The seating is strictly a 2+2 and the seats have ample adjustment options. While the dashboard is extremely familiar, there is a passenger-side display which we don’t have any information about yet. The Spectre with some customization will set you back no less than half a million dollars.


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