Top 5 Bitcoin BRC-20 Tokens That Could 10X Your Crypto Portfolio

BRC-20 tokens, a new type of token standard built on the Bitcoin network, have been slowly inching into popularity among crypto enthusiasts. This popularity grew when Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, listed the ORDI token which went from $10 to $60, and then most recently, the exchange listed another BRC-20 token known as SATS. As the flames of bullishness are fanned by these listings, here are some BRC-20 tokens that could offer a good return on investment going forward.

OXBT (OXBT) BRC-20 Tokens

One of the most recognizable BRC-20 tokens that still has a relatively low market cap is the OXBT token. This token has followed the BRC-20 trend to a T, with a community behind it. As such, it is well-positioned to take advantage of any hype in the community.

OXBT is currently sitting around a $6.6 million market cap and is listed on multiple exchanges that support BRC-20 tokens. One of its most important selling points is that 100% of its supply is in circulation, so there are no surprises coming with token unlocks.

RATS (RATS) Follows The SATS BRC-20 Trend

The listing of SATS on Binance triggered a 100% move in the price, but another BRC-20 token enjoyed more success from the listing. With SATS’s market cap at over $1 billion already, investors are turning their attention to RATS whose market cap is still less than $300 million.

It is currently in the top 5 of BTC-20 tokens but presents the most promise given that its price still has a lot of room to run. As the BRC-20 craze continues and more crypto exchanges list them, RATS could be the play for this trend.

RATS (ORDINALS) price chart from (BRC-20 Tokens)

RATS rises to $0.00023 | Source: RATSUSDT on


PEPEBRC appears on this list because of its potential to play on two very popular trends. One of the PEPE tokens which was the best performer of 2023 so far, combined with the hype from the BRC-20 tokens. Both of these two things could see this coin perform very well.

The token’s market cap also remains low at less than $8 million. If the BRC-20 hype endures into the bull market, this coin could easily rally 10x from here.

Multibit (MUBI) Token

Multobit (MUBI) is currently one of the largest BRC-20 tokens but its market cap remains lower than that of SATS at around $100 million. Given that MUBI is seeing a lot of volume following the BRC hype, it is expected that this coin will continue to do well.

Currently trading around $0.15, a price tag of $1 could be easily attainable for this token, putting it at a $1 billion market cap. If ORDI runs to $10 billion, this could be easily attainable for the token.


DOVI is another BRC-20 that is slowly creeping up on investors’ radar. At the time of writing, its market cap is still under $10 million market cap, which could make it a prime opportunity to pick up the token. It is already listed on the Kucoin exchange and further listings could drive its price higher.

The coin has reached an all-time high before correcting back downward but still holds a lot of promise. As the BRC-20 hype grows, it could quickly overtake this ATH and notch considerable gains for investors.


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