Trump's Niece Says Biden's Massive Fundraising Success A Signal He's 'Formidable Contender:' 'Donald Is Finally Losing Ground'

Benzinga – by Shanthi Rexaline, Benzinga Editor.

As President Joe Biden is gearing up to take on Donald Trump in what is projected to be a closely-contested race, the former president’s niece Mary Trump said on Thursday that the week brought good tidings to the incumbent and his Democratic party.

Biden’s Turbocharged Campaign Coffers: Biden had the most successful political fundraiser in the American history, as former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton joined him in New York City, Mary Trump said. The campaign collected $25 million, a record for the biggest cash haul for a political event ever.

“As a result, President Biden’s $155 million+ war chest has just received another turbo boost, bringing the total of cash on hand to at least $180 million,” said Mary Trump, a psychologist by profession. As opposed to this, Donald Trump has managed to mobilize only over $50 million between his campaign and the Republican National Convention, she said.

The copious funding armed Biden’s team to influence the narrative in crucial swing states, Mary Trump said, adding that “Biden’s team gains some much-needed momentum that can go far in countering the negative press around his poll numbers and age.”

“Biden’s $25 million haul isn’t just a financial coup; it’s an invitation to hop on the bandwagon — a signal that he’s a formidable contender.”

The RNC’s significant fundraising challenges, according to Mary Trump, may have far-reaching implications for the party’s performance in the upcoming elections. She noted that the RNC has around $11 million on hand for 2024 compared to the $77 million it had at this point in the 2020 cycle.

The psychologist said the RNC was also setting aside large sums of money to challenge the results of the upcoming 2024 general election, forcing them to cut back on spending in other important races. “Apparently, trying to steal the election doesn’t make for good politics–or good economics,” she said.

The RNC’s fundraising among small donors is drying up and this could spell trouble for the Republican turnout in 2024, she added.

Democrats Defy Odds: Mary Trump noted that the week saw Democrat Marilyn Lands winning her special election in Alabama. The victory, according to the psychologist and podcaster, is due to Lands centering her campaign on abortion and IVF access. “And not only did she win, but she flipped a seat in a deep-red state by 25 points,” the ex-president’s niece said.

“Democrats will try to replicate that success by adding abortion measures to ballots in several other states.”

Biden’s Poll Lead: Eight head-to-head polls now predict a slight lead for Biden against Donald Trump, Mary Trump said. “While head-to-head polls may not always reflect the intricate dynamics of swing states, it’s worth noting that President Biden is now making important inroads in those crucial battlegrounds as well,” she added.

Biden has also made significant progress against Donald Trump in six of the seven battleground states over the past month, Mary Trump said. Citing the recent Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll, she said the president has narrowed the gap almost across the board and has erased Donald Trump’s lead in the “blue wall” states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The data show that “President Biden has the momentum right now, while Donald is, finally, losing ground,” she added.

Mary Trump noted that 60% of women support Biden over her uncle, according to the new Quinnipiac poll. She viewed this positively as she noted that the support of women, particularly Black women and suburban women, was critical to Biden’s victory in 2020.

GOP Voters Warm Toward Biden: Citing the latest Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Mary Trump said that more Democrats feel “fearful” or “angry” about Donald Trump’s winning than Republicans feel the same about Biden.

“This could prove to be a significant ‘motivating factor in Democratic turnout in November’ and could spell trouble for Donald if Republicans remain unengaged,” she said.

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