Trump's Niece Says SCOTUS Desperate To Give Ex-President Campaign Boost With Its Delay Tactics: Proves 'How Political This Court Is'

Benzinga – by Shanthi Rexaline, Benzinga Editor.

Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, delved into the Supreme Court’s viability amid a string of recent controversies, in a “Nerd Avengers” podcast she hosted on Thursday.

SCOTUS In Unchartered Territory: “We are in unprecedented territory” as far as the Supreme Court is concerned, said Florida-based attorney Daniel Uhlfelder, who appeared as a guest on the show. The legal expert noted that the fundamentals of democracy dictate that there must be three separate branches, each designed to provide checks and balances on the others.

“Right now, I think there’s a real debate and question as to whether that is really happening,” he said. Judges should be apolitical and should look merely into what the facts are, he said, adding that they shouldn’t go out and “make some political statement.”

According to Uhlfelder, politics is for the legislative and executive branches, while the judiciary is better off simply examining the facts and making decisions. Going beyond that is problematic, he said.

Broken System: Mary Trump criticized Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Thomas faced controversy over accepting luxury items and travel funding from wealthy conservatives over decades. Alito came under criticism for flying flags at his house supporting Donald Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen.

“The court is being driven right now by two of the most egregious partisan hacks in the court’s history in Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, which gets proven with almost every decision,” she said.

She noted that the three biggest cases the Supreme Court was supposed to decide in its current term haven’t been heard yet, including the one on presidential immunity. The presidential immunity case, in particular, shouldn’t even be heard, Mary Trump said, adding that it proves “how political this court is and how desperate they are to give Donald Trump campaign contributions and guns.”

She also noted that last December, Special Counsel Jack Smith from the Justice Department requested the Supreme Court to hear the Jan. 6 Capitol riot case, but the court has not done so until now.

The psychologist additionally weighed in on U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Florida Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over Donald Trump’s classified document criminal case. Calling her “Donald’s personal pocket judge,” Mary Trump said Cannon is her uncle’s lead defense attorney.

“It’s unacceptable and it’s another way in which we’re seeing that the system is broken,” she said.

Mary Trump also raised the question as to why a lower court judge was allowed to get away with “this absolute incompetence.”

“It’s also malicious interference,” she added.

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