Uber will now pick up your packages and take them to UPS, FedEx or USPS

Uber Shipping.

Courtesy: Uber

Uber announced Wednesday it’s now offering return package shipping through mail carriers through its Uber and Uber Eats apps.

The apps, traditionally used for ride-hailing and food delivery services, now offer the “return a package” feature, which allows customers to send up to five packages at a time for a $5 flat fee or $3 for Uber One members. Drivers will pick up the packages and drop them off at UPS, FedEx or USPS.

“Return a package” is available in dozens of major metro areas across the country and will exist in addition to the Uber Connect program, which launched in 2020 as a same-day delivery option for customers to send packages to and from local destinations. 

Packages that are shipped through Uber Connect must be prepaid, sealed and ready to be shipped. Additionally, packages must weigh less than 30 pounds and be under $100 in value. Uber’s shipping guidelines prohibit the delivery of some items, such as money, gift cards and fragile items.

Customers will also be able to follow their packages with live tracking in the Uber app, which will include a photo of the receipt once the delivery has been completed.

In addition to the flat fee, standard tipping options are available for package deliveries.


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