Understanding without bias

When significant events occur, our minds often gravitate towards the notion that they must have been caused by something equally significant. This phenomenon – proportionality bias – acts as the magician’s sleight of hand behind conspiracy theories. It’s the tendency to weigh the scales of cause and effect, assuming that a grand force must have orchestrated a major event.

If you’re intrigued by this captivating phenomenon that bedevils each of us in some way or the other, aggravated by diminishing attention spans, delve into the depths of lifestyle podcast Unladylike’s episode on Magical Overthinking. Hosted by Cristen Conger, Unladylike is a feminist lifestyle podcast with a clear mission: to foster curiosity, nurture empathy and challenge the status quo.

In this interesting episode, Amanda Montell, author of The Age of Magical Overthinking, presents insightful perspectives on contemporary irrationality. Montell skilfully navigates through a myriad of phenomena, ranging from the sunk cost fallacy in relationships to the halo effect surrounding female celebrities, providing a refreshing and thought-provoking analysis of today’s overwhelming landscape of (mis)information.


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