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Unlocking New Horizons: iGMS Launches in Spanish-Speaking Countries of Latin America

Unlocking New Horizons: iGMS Launches in Spanish-Speaking Countries of Latin America

Countless people are starting to enjoy traveling for leisure again and many people are also traveling for business reasons. , the demand for vacation rental properties globally has gone up. This has fueled the development of vacation properties across the globe, leading to the need to have a convenient way of connecting property managers or owners and potential clients, especially for bookings and planning. iGuests Management System (iGMS) and other similar platforms are looking to fill that gap.

A Look at iGMS

If you’re hearing about iGMS for the first time, you may well be wondering what it is. Well, it is a platform software designed with vacation rental property managers and hosts in mind. It helps to ease and make the management of vacation rental properties on different online platforms such as Vrbo, Airbnb,, etc. a whole lot easier.

Some of the significant features of iGMS include:

  • Multi-platform management: iGMS offers a centralized dashboard from which hosts and managers can manage vacation rental properties listed on different platforms saving lots of effort and time.
  • Channel management: iGMS enables hosts to synchronize their properties’ availability and prices across multiple booking platforms to optimize pricing and prevent double bookings.
  • Automated messaging: iGMS often provides automated messaging tools that can dispatch pre-written messages to renters or guests and various stages of their stay, for instance, booking conformation, guidelines on checking-in, post-stay reviews, etc.
  • Analytics and reporting: – The iGMS software platform usually comes with analytics and reporting tools that allow hosts and property managers to track the performance of their listings, and make data-backed decisions.

Why is it a Great Move for iGMS to Launch in Latin America?

With iGMS expanding its business to the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, there are many benefits that vacation rental property hosts and managers in this region will enjoy. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved efficiency in property management

We can all agree that managing vacation rental properties that are listed on different booking platforms such as Airbnb and, etc. is not a walk in the park. Luckily, iGMS will come in handy in automating tasks such as guest communications, pricing optimization, cleaning schedules, and other important tasks saving the host and managers so much time and energy.

Enhanced cleaning and maintenance planning

Another beautiful thing about iGMS is that it can help to schedule and keep tabs on the cleaning and maintenance tasks. As a result, vacation properties are always clean and well-maintained at all times so that guests arrive at welcoming places that truly satisfy their expectations.

Providing multi-language support

Latin America is a region with diverse languages, and it may be challenging for hosts to market and communicate with guests who speak different languages. Fortunately, iGMS may offer multiple language support, making it easier for hosts and managers to communicate with guests from different countries.

Offering local market insights

Property managers and hosts can do more and make better decisions if they have a good understanding of the local market dynamics. iGMS may provide insights and trends that are specific to the Latin American region. With the right information, hosts and property managers can make better and more informed decisions in areas such as pricing, maintenance and management strategies, and marketing.


The launch of iGMS in Latin America is a welcome move and one that will certainly go a long way to help vacation property hosts and managers efficiently manage their properties to get top returns from their investments.

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