Vigilante cyclist who films motorists breaking rules is met with volley of foul-mouthed abuse from furious driver

THIS is the moment a vigilante cyclist who films motorists breaking rules was met with a volley of foul-mouthed abuse from a furious driver.

Mikey van Erp, 50, also known as Cycling Mikey, filmed the Fiat 500 driver reading his phone while sat in traffic in Chelsea, west London.

A cyclist vigilante filmed a stationary driver on their phone


A cyclist vigilante filmed a stationary driver on their phone
The driver accused Mikey of being a Chelsea fan


The driver accused Mikey of being a Chelsea fan

The cyclist, who claims to have reported 1,369 motorists to the police since 2019, stepped into the road and walked around to the driver’s window.

When Mikey pushed his camera against the window, the driver rolled it down.

He said: “What are you looking at me for?”

Mikey replied: “I’m filming you using your phone behind the wheel.”

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The stationary driver said: “There’s a car just stopped.”

Mikey said: “You’re still considered to be driving, legally.”

At this point the driver lost his temper with Dutch-born Mikey.

He said: “No, the car stopped. What are you f***ing worried about if for anyway?

Mikey said: “I’ll be reporting it to the police.”

The driver said: “Well go and do what you f***ing want. F*** off before I get out. Go on, f*** off.

Mikey said: “I’ll go when I’m ready to.

Unappeased, the driver said: “You f***ing stupid skinny little c***.

Mikey replied: “That’ll sound good in front of the magistrate.”

The motorist said: “I don’t give a f*** mate. Go on, f*** off. You f***ing c***.”

All of a sudden, the traffic cleared and the Fiat 500 drove off – with Mikey racing to catch up with it when it stopped at a red light.

The driver said: “F***ing shocking c***. Well report me, you soppy c***.”

Mikey said: “I’ve reported about a thousand of you already in the last five years.”

The driver said: “Do you know what? What a f***ing nob you are.

He then called Mikey an unprintable homophobic term.

The motorist said: “Never had a bird, have you? I bet you’re a virgin – one hundred per cent, you’re a virgin.

“And I bet you support Chelsea and all, don’t you. F***ing ugly little c***.

“Get that to your magistrate, c***. If you’re gonna be useful, come in the car and f***ing w*** me off or something.”

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