Virgin Media confirms simple Wi-Fi error that's slowing your broadband – check your router

We all want faster broadband speeds but it seems a simple error, that’s incredibly easy to make, could be slowing things down without you realising. Virgin Media has just issued some vital Wi-Fi advice that’s definitely worth following if you want better and more reliable downloads.

Your router is key to keeping your home online and fully connected. Most of us know that putting it in the wrong place or popping it inside a cupboard are sure-fire ways to reduce speeds down to a snail’s pace but there’s another thing to check as well.

Virgin says it’s vital to make sure your router is upright and hasn’t topped over. So why does this matter and why should you check your router isn’t lying on its side?

Firstly, if your Wi-Fi device isn’t standing up some of the signals that it pumps out up will go straight into the carpet which means things are being wasted.

Not keeping things upright can also mean air doesn’t flow through the device properly – this can end up causing the router to overheat and that can then affect performance.

“Keep your router upright with the front lights facing into the room to ensure the WiFi antennas inside the router are in the most efficient orientation and less of your WiFi signal is wasted. Having the router upright will also ensure optimal air flow through the Hub and help avoid overheating,” Virgin confirmed in a message seen by

Of course, along with checking your router’s position there are lots of other things you can do to make sure your broadband stays up to speed.

Hitting the power button once a month can clear any issues that may have built up over time. Yes, turning it off, leaving it for a minute and switching things back on really can solve all kinds of glitches.

It’s also a good idea to keep that flashing black box away from things such as mirrors, fish tanks and other electrical devices as these can all slow things down.

Ktchens are also Wi-Fi’s worse enemy and it’s a really bad idea to have your router in this part of your home.

“It’s not just electronics that interfere with your WiFi signal: metal can also wreak havoc with your connection. Kitchens are often home to heavy-duty metal appliances (think ovens, fridges and washing machines), as well as signal-emitting electronics like microwaves, making them a particularly inhospitable environment for your router,” Virgin Media added.

If your Wi-Fi isn’t reaching every corner of your home it’s a good idea to invest in a mesh-style network as this will help boost things and keep every device connected to the web no matter where it’s being used.

Virgin offers is own boosters for a monthly fee but shop around as there are plenty of the market that all offer the same functionality.


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