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Volatility is Key – Why Low-Cap Coins Are the Best Way to Get Rich in Crypto – Punch Newspapers

Cryptocurrencies with a low market capitalization usually offer way more upside potential than big market cap ventures if investors are willing to take a punt on them. The market saw numerous examples of low-cap cryptos that have demonstrated explosive returns – especially in recent months, where several meme coins have made astonishing gains.

Small market cap coins can make such enormous gains because they don’t need a lot of volume to move up and down significantly in price. So, often, it is a better and more affordable crypto for beginners to get started. The article will represent one such low-cap crypto with great growth potential – Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). What is it, and why is it grabbing so much attention?

Why Invest in $GFOX?

Galaxy Fox is an exciting crypto for beginners that recently went live through its presale and promises great rewards to users, raising over $450,000 so far.

One of the best things about Galaxy Fox is that you can earn money by playing games. The project has a Web3 runner game where you can win $GFOX tokens if you do well. To get better at the game, you can simply buy special Galaxy Fox NFTs that act like boosters inside the game and make your character stronger or faster, helping you win even more.

Staking is another fundamental point of this new ERC20 coin. Each transaction channels a portion of the value into the Galaxy Fox Stargate, a reward pool for staked $GFOX tokens. This mechanism supports the token’s value and rewards long-term holders, and encourages a stable and growing community.

An important aspect that greatly differentiates $GFOX from the other meme coins is its deflationary tokenomics. The project constantly burns the tokens to help them remain scarce and hedge against inflation during the harshest market conditions. While burning is not a new practice in the meme coin arena, the limited supply is. $GFOX releases only 5 billion tokens, which will gradually be reduced. So, even a simple HODLing strategy generates income for the $GFOX investors.


How to Enter $GFOX Presale

Currently, $GFOX tokens are available for purchase exclusively through the official Galaxy Fox website. The process is simple – you register, choose the token, set the amount, and purchase. The stage 1 investors can even get a 10% bonus as a reward for being an early bird. Enter the promo code “STAGE 1” and expect the tokens on your dashboard. Now, a few words about the presale structure.

This new ICO crypto presale is divided into ten stages to reward early investors. Importantly, each stage offers a unique price point for the $GFOX token. This method allows investors to get in at a lower price and guarantee the highest ROI opportunity.

Here’s how the presale works:

The presale stage 1 starts with $GFOX tokens priced at just $0.00066. As the presale goes through each level, the price of the tokens progressively climbs. For example, in Stage 2, the price rises to $0.0008778; by Stage 10, the final stage, the price reaches $0.00264. This gradual increase in price is designed to reward early joiners. It offers them the potential for a higher ROI as the token officially launches at $0.002904.

The structure of the presale is simple and clear, which makes it easy for investors to understand and participate. Each stage offers a clear price point and lets investors make informed decisions about when to buy.



To wrap up, $GFOX is easily the best crypto for beginners, thanks to its high-growth nature and low starting price. It provides investors with numerous streams of passive income through staking, P2E gaming, and just holding $GFOX tokens. The presale has already started, and the earliest joiners can secure a better ROI in the end.

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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