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Volkswagen Golf R 333 Limited Edition Tease

A new limited edition VW Golf is teased on video, previewing the arrival of the Volkswagen Golf R 333 at the end of May.

Volkswagen’s noise of late has been all about its ever-growing range of electric cars but, so far, nothing from VW has arrived with an electric motor which can really be considered a ‘Hot Hatch’.

So VW is still tempting its buyers with performance from its soon-to-be-defunct ICE range, and the latest offering is going to be the Volkswagen Golf R 333, teased on video ahead of a debut on 31 May.

The Volkswagen Golf R 333 follows on from the Golf R 20 Years we saw last year, which came with 333PS from its 2.0-litre petrol engine and the ability to get around the Nurburgring some 4.0 seconds quicker than a regular Golf R.

It also came with the R-Performance Pack with torque vectoring rear diff, ‘Drift’ mode, roof spoiler, 19″ alloys and bits of carbon fibre.

It seems likely – although VW isn’t saying – that the R 333 will come with the same 333PS (328bhp) as the 20 Years, and we can see from the tease video (below) appropriate black graphics on a very yellow Golf, blue brake callipers, Estoril alloys and a quad Akrapovi? exhaust.

Expect a tease or two more, and a bit more detail, in the weeks until the R 333 it debuts on 31 May. And expect to pay at least £50k if you want one.

Volkswagen Golf R 333 Video Tease


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