VW ID.7 Review: An All-Electric Passat, Sort Of – Car Throttle

The results of Volkswagen’s all-electric assault in the last few years have been a bit mixed. There have been plenty of good points from all of the cars to have emerged thus far, but the ID.3 was plagued with various software issues and – much like the Golf 8 – was littered with very un-VW examples of poor user experience choices, while the ID.4 and ID.5 were guilty of much of the same sins while charging more money for the ‘privilege’ of experiencing them.

Things, you’d hope, can only get better, and thankfully, they have. This, everyone, is the ID.7, and it’s proof that VW is starting to move in the right direction with battery-powered stuff. There’s still more work to be done, but the news is mostly good.

It’s probably the best-looking of all the ID models thus far (ID.2All and ID GTI concepts aside), and although it’s not the most exciting thing to look at, it’s not ugly either. And Volkswagens generally aren’t known for being drop-dead gorgeous, so that’s just fine.


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