Wanderlust Wheels: Top 5 Vans for Epic Camping Expeditions

Wanderlust Wheels: Top 5 Vans for Epic Camping Expeditions

In 2022, the camping industry saw a 28% boom from the previous year. It looks like vacationers haven’t lost their taste for adventure in 2023. 

That might be due to all the benefits of sleeping under the stars. Being around nature and getting fresh air can provide stress relief. It also promotes physical fitness and gives families the chance to bond. 

Before you leave, you’re going to need a vehicle. Most families travel in an RV or choose between the best vans for camping. 

Do you want to start shopping around for a van before the vacation season starts? Check out this handy buyer’s guide. 

1. Airstream Interstate 

If you need used camper vans that will allow you to maximize space, the Airstream Interstate has you covered. The dining table can double as a work desk. 

When it’s time for bed, the table will also fold out into a sleeping space for your family. It has a full-sized mini kitchen and bathroom. 

The Airstream has adjustable suspension, a diesel v-6 engine, and all-terrain tires. That makes it ideal for off-roading adventures. 

2. Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter camping van offers versatility. There are several floor plans available that you can view online.

If you have a large group, there’s a Benz long enough to accommodate. These vans also have a high roof. This allows for even more room. 

The Sprinter does have 4×4 capability. However, if you want to convert your van, it will cost extra. 

3. Winnebago Travato

The Winnebago Travato is built off the Ram ProMaster design. It has a v-6 gas engine that allows for extra firepower. 

This Winnebago camper van also has endless space-saving potential. You’ll have access to storage under the beds and a bike rack on the roof. 

If you want to go camping in the winter, the Winnebago has the insulation to keep you warm. It also has an above-floor waterline and heating system. 

From a microwave oven to a handy spice rack, you’ll have all the comforts of home. You can go here if you want a Travato van

4. Jayco Terrain

Jayco Terrain vans are known for being bulky, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble parking. There are compact models. 

These camper van brands are made for off-roading. They have a powerful engine, rear stabilizer, and a strong tow hitch. 

They have a kitchen that you can convert to a sleeping area with a full-sized bed. If you need extra space, you can place things under the bed. 

5. Ram ProMaster

The Ram ProMaster is one of the widest vans on the market. That means you’ll have plenty of room for sleeping and cooking. 

When compared to other camper vans, the Ram ProMaster is affordable. You can also have it serviced at any Ram dealer in your area. 

Choosing the Best Vans for Camping

Camping is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It will allow you to forget about the hustle and bustle of life, to focus on the world around you. 

To make the most out of your trip, you’re going to need the best vans for camping. We hope that this list helps jumpstart your shopping. 

For more travel tips and tricks, explore the rest of our blog. 

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