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Warrior Nun fans rejoice as showrunner Simon Barry announces revival

Exciting news for fans of the fantasy teen LGBTQ+ series, Warrior Nun, as showrunner Simon Barry recently confirmed that the show will be getting a revival of some kind. The series first premiered on Netflix in 2020, and its second season made a comeback in November 2022. However, due to disappointing performance based on internal Netflix statistics and external sources, the show was swiftly canceled the following month.

Since the cancellation, fans of Warrior Nun have taken to Twitter to express their outcry. Coordinated hashtags and phrases consistently trend, fan campaigns, and dedicated fansites, such as The OCS Newsletter, have emerged, and numerous articles continue to discuss the show and the revival efforts. The fandom’s dedication is further demonstrated by the deployment of billboards worldwide, notably outside Netflix’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

The collective voice of Warrior Nun fans has resonated, as evidenced by showrunner Simon Barry’s tweet at 6:16 AM BST (01:16 EST) on June 28th, confirming the show’s return. However, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the specifics of this revival.

It’s important to note that only showrunner Simon Barry has discussed the revival so far. Netflix, known for coordinating announcements across its social channels and to media outlets, has yet to make an official statement. This has led to speculation that the streaming service may not be the home for the show’s future revival, although Netflix was not explicitly mentioned in Barry’s tweet.

What we do know from Simron Bary’s latest announcement is that Warrior Nun will be returning, but the format of its return has not been specified. While many assume it will be either Season 3 or a new season, the announcement does not provide explicit details in this regard.


Q1:Did Warrior Nun have season 3?
Netflix had cancelled Warrior Nun season 3 but now the creator of the show Simron Bary has announced its revival. Though it has not been revealed that it will be returning with Season 3.

Q2:Why did Netflix cancel Warrior Nun?
According to showrunner Simon Barry, the decision to cancel was based on data. “More people watched season one than season two, therefore it didn’t meet the bar that is their internal standard for what is worth renewing”, she said during an interview.

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