Watching cartoons

As grown-ups, the joys of watching cartoons are often overlooked or dismissed as childish. But delving into the world of animated entertainment offers a shipload of pleasures that transcend age boundaries.

For starters, cartoons provide the ultimate escape from realism. They offer club entry into whimsy where literally anything is possible and imagination is queen. Moreover, cartoons often contain sophisticated humour and biting wit that hyper-sensitive adults – a growing breed these days – won’t suspect in a ‘children’s genre’.

Which is why so many animated shows incorporate satire, parody and social commentary otherwise verboten in ‘real actors’ films and shows. This humour-intelligence blend appeals to grown-up viewers who crave entertainment with substance – and an edge.

But somewhere deep inside, cartoons also hark back to more sincere, innocent times. This mix of nostalgia and being equipped with adulthood makes for a delectable combo for entertainment.

Whether watching ‘classic cartoons’ or edgier ones replete with double entendres, like the animation spoof of James Bond in Archer (pic), they provide joy to you as a grown-up in your own, sharp, happy grotto.


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