Watching shadows on the wall

Horror movies have given a bad rap to shadows on the wall. But as we all know, in the relative safety and serenity of being alone in our rooms in real life, when sunlight or streetlights – and certainly moonlight – silhouettes of trees and outdoor objects tiptoe through half-closed curtains, bringing shadows to life.

In the breeze, it could be the leaves and branches of a tree that sway against the bedroom wall. It’s a mesmerising show of an ephemeral performance. These transient dancers, born from the interplay of light and objects, hold stories that only you can decipher.

Even indoor objects come alive. A chair becomes a dancer in poise, a potted plant becomes a sentient geometric shape. We sit or lie down, awaiting the next act, the moment when the mundane transcends into shape-shifting magic.

Embrace the joys of watching shadows on the wall. Let them weave tales of untold beings, of whispered secrets, and of the delicate balance between light and darkness. For, in watching their show, we find the joy of becoming light as a shadow ourselves.


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