Watching Test cricket

Who would have figured that watching Test cricket – written off as ‘slow’ and ‘boring’ – offers such joyous bliss to those who value the good life, something a hyperactive, climax-a-moment world is woefully short of. In a mob-market that clamours for instant gratification, watching Test cricket is life watching a slow dance, savouring a long meal, reading a lovingly-crafted novel.

One of the utter joys lies in following the game’s ebb and flow. Following this test of endurance provides a slow-burn pleasure for spectators. As the match progresses, tension mounts, strategies evolve, fortunes sway, much beyond the incessant pings that mark today’s now-acracy.

For pure pleasure, you don’t even need to have your skin in the game. It’s no longer about supporting ‘your’ team, or being an exhibitionist-patriot. It’s about watching individual brilliance and teamwork unadulterated. From a graceful cover drive to a lethal bouncer, following every aspect of cricketing skill finds its place in Test cricket. It is the equivalent of watching seasons flow and change from your seat.

Being witness to this spectacle can remind you not just of the beauty and depth of cricket but of the delicate trickle of time.


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