Wearing Apple's Vision Pro made me cry and it won’t be a flop like Google Glass

Apple is kicking 2024 off with one of its most ambitious products ever. The new Vision Pro headset has just gone on sale in the US and it’s like nothing the Californian tech giant has released before with it offering a new way to watch movies, make video calls, work and interact with apps like Messages, Safari and more.

Although it won’t arrive in the UK until much later this year I was lucky enough to give it a try during its grand unveiling at Apple Park in Cupertino and the experience left me speechless and with tears in my eyes.

The ski goggle-style device is not like a standard VR headset. In fact, Apple is really keen that the words “Virtual Reality” aren’t used when speaking about Vision Pro. This is a “spatial computer” that mixes real and virtual worlds together.

With it strapped to my face I was able to see the physical room I was sat in whilst also viewing emails, videos and other apps that all floated in front of my eyes.

That ability to remain in your surroundings is thanks to tiny cameras dotted all over the headset so you never feel isolated or at all claustrophobic – that’s something that can’t be said for some other VR devices.

Tap the Apple Watch-style Digital Crown on the side of the Vision Pro and you’ll see all the familiar family of Apple apps – such as Messages, Safari, Photos and Apple TV – pop up in the room.

To interact with these applications you simply look at them – then tap and swipe your fingers to move the virtual windows around in the space.

If you want to go fully immersive a quick spin of the Digital Crown makes the real world gently disappear and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a dark cinema ready to watch a movie or be transported to a sandy beach as the sun sets.

The whole experience felt incredibly intuitive and futuristic but, at times, also remarkably emotional.

Apple’s clever Spatial videos – which offer a full 3D-style experience – make you feel like you are back in a moment of your life. I was shown a clip of a child’s birthday party and felt like I was actually sitting in the room ready to blow out the candles on the cake and hand over some neatly wrapped presents.

With my own daughter soon turning 17 it made me realise how going back in time could be a real tear-jerker for parents or for people who may have lost someone close to them.

The realism is boosted further thanks to Spatial Audio which is pumped into your ears via tiny speakers on either side of the headband. You actually don’t need to wear headphones when using this device and the sound even follows what’s happening around you.

My demo lasted for around 30 minutes and I honestly didn’t want it to stop. The intuitive user interface, mixed reality visuals and magical sound make this a truly game-changing gadget.

Of course, it’s a first-generation product that definitely has some negatives. Firstly, the battery pack will only keep the screen glowing for around 2 hours.

Despite Apple doing a stunning job on the design it is pretty bulky to wear and then there’s the $3,499 price tag…ouch!

Going virtual is a massive move from Apple but this could definitely be the future. Just like the original iPhone which has got better and smarter over the years, expect the next generation of Vision Pro headsets to become smaller, lighter and last longer. Maybe one day the whole system will be packed into a standard pair of glasses.

Even now it’s way ahead of the game and far more useful than devices such as Google Glass which never took off. Vision Pro won’t be for everyone but we guarantee the first time you try it you’ll be left speechless by the experience.

Let’s hope it’s not too long until more people on this side of the pond get to give it a go.


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