Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer ‘ignored warnings from TV bosses’ to buy rare motor, fix it up & sell it at £30k profit

WHEELER Dealers host Mike Brewer has revealed how he “ignored” warnings from TV bosses before buying a rare sports car, restoring it and selling it at a £30,000 profit.

The presenter recalled that execs told him that the pricey purchase was a “mistake” only to be left with egg on their faces.

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer left TV bosses with egg on their faces during filming


Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer left TV bosses with egg on their faces during filmingCredit: Jam Press/Iconic Auctioneers
He managed to make a bumper £30,000 profit on a lovely classic Austin Healy 3000


He managed to make a bumper £30,000 profit on a lovely classic Austin Healy 3000Credit: Discovery Channel

One episode of the show’s new season focuses on Mike and co-host Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley fixing up a classic Austin Healy 3000 sportster.

Mike picked up the car in the US for just over £27,000 and, after a full renovation, sold it again for more than £58,000.

Speaking on the Wheeler Dealers podcast, he praised the restoration team for their “cracking” work capturing the “sights, sounds and senses” of the car.

He said: “[It had] a luscious red leather interior, it smelt beautiful, looked amazing, deep racing green paint – we polished the granny out of it.


“The chrome wheels were polished up, it looked amazing [and] we turned the exhaust pointing towards the audience as it came across the auction block.

“You capture sight, sound and smell, and that’s the secret ingredient to selling a car.”

However, he claimed that, despite the vast profit, showrunners weren’t convinced by the vintage motor when he picked it up.

Mike added: “When I bought that car, everyone was going, ‘This is the most expensive car you ever bought, this is a mistake.’

“I’m going, ‘Guys, seriously, I’m not just a warm prop. I am actually a car expert.

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.’

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer fumes after he’s hacked by ‘scumbags’

“I had the bigwigs at the Discovery Channel [acting] like I was spending the Crown Jewels.

“When you watch the show, I bet you can see it for yourself. Behind me, there’s two Discovery executives high-fiving each other [but] an hour before, [they were saying] ‘We’re gonna pull it out of the auction, this is never going to sell, this is an embarrassment.'”

Fortunately, it all went to plan and the team walked away with a good chunk of cash.

But that wasn’t the only gripe Mike had with some of the big names in the telly biz.

He went on to slam other stars who turn down photo requests from fans and resent their fame.

The motors whizz raged: “How dare you?

“That person pays your wages.

“That person put you where you are. Show them some respect.”

He added that he’s always “humbled” that people want a snap with him and that his “little car show” means so much to fans.

It comes after Mike was left fuming when his social media account was hacked by vile crooks posting pornographic pictures.


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