Which Type of Student Accommodation in Edinburgh Do You Want to Book?

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is one of the favorite places for international students. This is why a great demand for accommodations can be witnessed among overseas students. Edinburgh has no shortage of accommodations. But the question that is relevant in this regard is which student accommodation you should book. Here, you will read about the types of student accommodations available in Edinburgh. It will help you in your selection.

Categories of Student Accommodation Properties

There are three categories of accommodation properties available in Edinburgh. These categories are university halls, student housing complexes, and private rental apartments.

University halls are managed by universities and are sometimes found on the campuses. Student housing complexes are private halls and are the perfect alternatives to university halls. These complexes are owned by private owners but are designed for students.

Private rental apartments are not available in the complexes meant for students. You can find these apartments in the residential areas. These apartments are not specially meant for students. But, in the past few years, a great interest of students can be seen in renting these apartments. Therefore, some facilities for students are provided in private apartments also, such as study desks, study chairs, etc.

Types of Student Accommodations in Edinburgh

Which Type of Student Accommodation in Edinburgh Do You Want to Book?

In these student properties, you can find different types of accommodations, which include:

1. Ensuite Rooms

Ensuite rooms are available in university halls and student housing complexes. One person can stay in one ensuite room. Ensuite rooms can be found in some houses, which are shared by multiple students. Each student in that house keeps one ensuite room. The kitchen and the living room are common to all residents in a house. Each ensuite room has its separate bathroom.

2. Studios

Studios can also be found in student housing complexes and university halls. A studio is a self-contained unit with a single large space. In this type of student accommodation Edinburgh, you can find a living area, a sleeping area with a bed, a study area with a study table and chair, and a kitchen area. Studios come available with attached bathrooms.

3. Apartments

Both the three categories (university halls, student housing complexes, and private rental apartments) have apartments. Apartments comprise multiple bedrooms, and one bedroom is occupied by one or two persons. Apartments may either have attached bathrooms in all the bedrooms or common bathrooms for all the residents. Kitchens and living rooms are shared by all the residents of an apartment.

4. Non-Ensuite Rooms

Non-ensuite rooms are found in some student housing complexes. There are different categories of such rooms like basic non-ensuite and premium non-ensuite. Basic non-ensuite rooms are affordable options. Non-ensuite rooms are like ensuite rooms but they don’t have separate bathrooms. There are shared bathrooms in the houses where these rooms are located. Kitchens and living rooms are also common for all the residents.

Some Facilities Available in Student Accommodations and Properties

Student properties in Edinburgh are not just places to stay but you also find some facilities inside them. These facilities are meant for studies, fun, fitness, and many other aspects of students’ lives. However, there may be some differences in the availability of facilities in different properties so you should check before booking. Here are some major features you can find.

1. Study Desks and Chairs

It is needless to mention that study desks and chairs are the utmost requirements of students. In most of the accommodations, students find study desks and chairs where they can study with full comfort and concentration.

2. Wardrobes and Other Storage Spaces

Students also need storage spaces to keep their assets. Therefore, wardrobes are also available in most residences where students can keep their clothes. Some other storage spaces can so be found to keep other assets. You can also find bookshelves in some accommodations in Edinburgh. Under-bed storage space can also be found in many of them.

3. Wi-Fi Internet Connection

To help you in study and to facilitate you to accomplish other online tasks, Wi-Fi internet connections are available in most of the student accommodations in Edinburgh.

4. Gym

For the fitness of students, many properties in Edinburgh have in-house gyms. These gyms comprise advanced machines for workouts.

5. Games Rooms

For the fun of students, there are special games rooms in several student properties. In these rooms, residents can play the games like pool and table tennis. There are pool tables and table tennis tables available in the games rooms.

Closing Notes

You can select among the aforementioned accommodation types in Edinburgh. Moreover, you can also check which accommodations are as per your budget and preferences.

You can visit the student accommodation service platform websites to find the accommodation of your choice.

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